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    Hi folks; my name is Greg. My wife and I have been married 40yrs and we have been prepping for about 15yrs. I'm a retired telecom operations manager and since retiring from the phone company became an RN working the ER a couple shifts a week. My wife is an RN also with a much longer, more extensive background. We have 2 grown sons and are in semi-retirement since moving from Georgia to Kentucky. We live in a very sparsely populated agricultural community on 20 acres of very fertile farm land. We don't do any farming other than a small garden. We currently raise rabbits for meat and deer hunt for the meat. We were suburban residents on 2 acres 30 miles SE of Atlanta. We moved here to be far away from a city and have a couple of family members who have lived and farmed here all their lives. Our property has a barn with a chicken coop, two 1 acre goat fenced pastures, a small 1/2 acre pond, a large insulated shop/garage. The shop has several heavy duty shelving units that we stockpile dry and canned goods, also an excellent supply of and and power tools. We are both very good rifle shots and we shoot several time a week. We shoot mostly some RWS and Webley air rifles due to the low cost of pellets and excellent accuracy. We have many .22 rifles and pistols along with many center fire rifles, pistols and shotguns that we shoot on occasion. Our outdoor skills a pretty decent but we don't consider our selves as survivalists just fairly well prepared for the future. We have a large library with useful books on most prepping and how-to subjects. I have been a licensed amateur radio operator with about 50yrs on the air several times a week. That may be more info than needed for an intro; just wanted to say that we are not ignorant on topics that might be of interest. I look forward to being on this forum with many like minded people and learning more each day. Greg