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  1. A16SIOUX

    Old Solar Power fence charger

    Thanks for writing P210SIG, here is what I find online about one of them. Power source: 6 volt 14 amp hour lead-acid gel cell battery Suitable for: Deer, horses, cattle, pigs, and dogs Range: Up to 25 miles Power range listed by Parmak: 0.75-1.8 joules Peak open circuit voltage: 11.5 kilovolts Peak voltage with a 500 ohm load: 2.6 kilovolts They are both 6V chargers, so I was thinking about hooking them up in series to produce a 12V charging system. This should recharge my 12V batteries?
  2. Hi, I have two solar fence chargers. I got rid of the animals so I was wondering if I could use these chargers for anything else; ie charging a 12 volt battery perhaps?