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  1. biggie45

    Glock s new Gen 5 in model 17 & 19 .

    It is obvious that the parents now are soft about their children. There is a need for spanking to correct what is wrong.
  2. biggie45

    Word meanings ( Jordan Maxwell 2017 )

    I've just heard of this guy.
  3. Sorry to see you go, thank you for your contributions here.
  4. biggie45

    August 2017 solar eclicpse

    There will be another in April 2024.
  5. biggie45

    Hurricane Harvey this is a bad one

    It is just great to see how strong Texans are, the state will surely recover in no time.
  6. biggie45

    Things to have or never run out of

    Thank you for that list. I would start collecting them soon.