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    Hi Snake, agree with everything you said about God. Now in regards to your post.... is solar energy out in an EMP or attack on our electrical grid? I really know nothing about them. I have read about people having several car batteries stored as back up for electric necessaries. Should I move this question to an "electricity' message board? Also, back to money, it seems to me that keeping any in the bank except to pay monthly bills is dangerous. Dummies keep giving me the "our money is covered by the FDIC." Some folks just don't realize what would happen if the SHTF!! Thank you MommyLiberty for your helpful advice. I have the land. I wonder about people stealing the crops.
  2. sky watcher


    Thank you all for your "uplifting" posts! So many things to ponder! I am really surprised that you all say the cash dollar will devalue fast. So, I guess most of you would agree to spend money on food, supplies etc. instead of a stash of money. Any of you have a favorite survival book for a relative newbie? I guess my main area of concern is alternate power and medication, so, I guess I'll catch you all on those boards! Thank you for your ideas!!!
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    Hi everyone! This is my first post, but I have been receiving your SHTF blog by email for quite some time. Every time I turn on the TV, I see commercials for gold and silver. Am I correct to assume that gold and silver would only be needed in a very long term incident that finally started rectifying itself? But, what about cash/money? How much money do you think each person would need if any? Thanks a lot!