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    Hello! My name is Charlie, a housewife, naturalist, tinkerer, and wildlife rescuer living in the Ozarks with my boyfriend/husband. I am very protective of my family, every animal and plant that has touched my life, and I will do almost anything to keep them safe and healthy. Actually, I almost just attacked my mother-in-law's drug addict neighbor for piling a bunch of trash on one of her garden beds. The fruit and oxygen my plants create are much more important than the meth those twits cook up. I apologize if I seem a tad misanthropic, but our species has absolutely destroyed the ecosystem that supports us. You can't be on top without a sturdy foundation beneath you. The birds, bees, and trees are our foundation. My husband and I travel Missouri/Illinois in our trailer to help give these other creatures a fighting chance. Clean up trash that can't/shouldn't decompose into soil, educate other humans about the importance of our fellow organisms, treat those suffering from (usually human-induced) injury or illness, then leave the land in a better place than we found it. You could say we're animal rights activists or "angry hippies". We are supposed to eat other animals, it is a great honor to eat and be eaten, but we aren't supposed to systematically sterilize other creatures or manipulate their DNA. As tiny apes on a tiny rock in space, we will never comprehend the complexity of the Universe that created us. Our gene-splicing and atom-splitting will be our downfall. The bigger the cities are, the harder they fall, while the folks on North Sentinel Island have lived in peace with their land for tens of thousands of years. We could learn a lot from them.