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  1. Butler Ford

    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    I got a scope mounted on my M1A. Now to get it zeroed BF
  2. Butler Ford

    my birthday bag

    Well, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! wally I don't know what you're looking for, but for $40, a good used US medium ruck it right in the neighborhood of your price range. There is no better bag for the money. Then I checked Amazon and they don't seem to have milsurp equipment but while looking I did find this: https://www.amazon.com/CVLIFE-Military-Rucksacks-Tactical-Backpack/dp/B017VY9GMU/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1493098383&sr=8-3-fkmr0&keywords=milsurp++medium+rucksack 4 star out of 25 reviews isn't too bad for the money! BF
  3. Butler Ford

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    While I will admit that Elmer was a puffed up blowhard and braggart, I also have to admit that he is one of my heroes in spite of it. I have 4 of his books and have read each of them more than once. I truly believe that Smith & Wesson would have gone the way of the Dodo if it had not been for the collaboration with Keith. BF
  4. Butler Ford

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    snake, I have to agree! Cool site by the way. Was fun browsing it. BF
  5. Butler Ford

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    TP, those roundbutt's are the bee's knees for keeping you and your friend safe on any Saturday night! Hope you can get'em pictured sometime. Would love to take a gander at'em! BF
  6. Butler Ford

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    Drew, my heart just sped up! You have, in my opinion, the epitome of double action revolvers! I have had the opportunity to shoot a Python in one hand and a 27 in the other, my preference fell to the Smith. My hat's off to you! That's the Queen of Hearts in any deck! Would that be good in any hand? You bet! But then you gotta draw the Ace of Spades! I never understood why S&W ever fooled with the 25 in 45acp but 45 Colt!!! I fold! The only 45 Colt's I have are a pair of Colt's and the site won't let me upload them. BF
  7. Butler Ford

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    The 5" is just about as perfect as you can get, as far as I'm concerned! BF
  8. Butler Ford

    Official Gun Porn Thread

  9. Butler Ford

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    Are you kidding!! They are ALL special! BF
  10. Butler Ford

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    210, the 5" barrel on a S&W 28 or 27 has always been my dream DA revolver. Long enough for accuracy and velocity and short enough not to be unwieldy. Hope you can get the pictures to work, I'd love to see'em, specially the 686 BF
  11. Butler Ford

    Overnight kit

    Oh! and I always lead with the ibuprofen, usually I get "What's that for?" Your headache and I always pray for "But I don't have a headache..."
  12. Butler Ford

    Overnight kit

    LOL! What can I say, I've always been a wannabe ladies man. BF
  13. Butler Ford

    Overnight kit

    Actually Don, there are 5. All of my partners except 1 are over 60 and she's getting close enough that it's fun to tease her. My old consent form was over 3 pages and I had to explain what a lot of it was. LOL! But anyway it was fun putting this little kit together
  14. Butler Ford

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    I'll take three. Model 15 686 Mod 30 32S&W Long BF