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    10mm TNW ASR (Aero Survival Rifle).

    why give up the .22lr conversion unit, silencer, threaded muzzle, drop in trigger jobs, luminous sights, AP, 1/4 mile sniping, varmint hunting and match accuracy, GI parts, mags, ammo of the shorty AR15 in 223? The 10mm doesn't have half the effective range and you're highly likely to run out of ammo. it also wont pierce soft armor, or a helmet while the 223 softpoint will do so, like a hot knife thru butter. You can get a folding stock for the AR, albeit it's expensive. The AR takes down in 5 seconds to conceal in your pack, assembles to fire in 10 seconds, and offers many different upper receiver groups, barrel lengths, rifling twists, a chromed bore and chamber, The sig arm brace lets you have a shorty carbine, in effect, without paying the Feds a $200 tax, getting fingerprinted, etc. you can always bury a REAL buttstock someplace (not on your property) for when shtf.
  2. onetime

    Mosin Nagant

    no matter how much gold plate you put on a turd, it remains a turd. Spend the same money on a modern autoloader, like an AR15 for deer, men, hogs, varmints and with the .22lr unit, indoor practice, small game, quiet removal of "problems", especially with a 223 silencer and subsonic 22 ammo, with the bolt held shut. If you actually live in elk or moose country and hunt same, then $400 on a used Remington 748 auto in 30-06 will be far more likely to succeed than any clunk bolt action and you'll have the ability to handle a dog pack, fleeing cripple, or nut-case anti-hunter
  3. onetime

    Just various ideas and such

    cached someplace, cause you aint carrying all this while being shot-at.
  4. onetime

    new BOB ideas

    cache your stuff in advance, move only at night, dont try to have your BOB be further than your local water source, underground. Then you wont have to carry more than about 30 lbs of gear, water, food.
  5. if my route has lots of year round water, ii carry half a gallon. If less water is readily availalable, carry, a gallon. If it was desert, I'd carry 2 gallons. It's consumable, you'll drink at least a gallon per day
  6. onetime

    Reading Material In BOB?

    kindle reader and solar charger. Best of all, have the print books buried at your BOL, in pvc pipe. all the survival info, especially plants and medical stuff.
  7. what you need is enough sense to have nearly all of this cached near your BOB. Why risk having to carry it if shtf? mess up knee or ankle on the way and you will never arrive. Weaken yourself with fatique and disease will get you. if you can't run with it, say 100m in 20 seconds, it should not be in your BOB. all this settler stuff and no combat stuff is a mistake.
  8. onetime

    Who makes a low-priced AR that will last?

    the basic gun is just the start. You'll pay 3-4x as much for accessories and mods, like ambi safety, luminous sights, scope, trigger job, folding stock, silencer, free float tube, bipod, sling, etc. If you dont, you just dont have much of a rifle.
  9. onetime

    I"ve owned a couple of hundred guns, but

    what have you shot with a 45 gr solid copper hp at 2300 fps? I've shot hundreds of animals over the years and believe me, the big/heavy bullet side of things doesn't work waf. Super lw, hi-v stuff, like softpoints in a 223 carbine, however, are well proven to work just great on many sized and smaller critters. The closer your handgun load can come to performiing like a 223 softpoint, the more likely it is to stop a man with a single torso hit, and the less recoil it will have, too. less recoil means faster repeat hits.
  10. start by holing up and not coming out in daylight. Have a solar charger and night vision. Dont make noise, dont have fire during daylight and at night, only have a fire that's out of sight, ie, in a Dakota pit. Have a sound suppressed autoloading rifle, subsonic ammo, with luminous sights, along with soft armor. Have several months (minimum) of grain, legumes, jerky, Criso, almond butter, Tang, Honey, salt, and powdered Gatorade, so you dont have to be stupidly out and about, trying to forage. In a few months of shtf, nearly everyone will be dead. So you'll greatly increase your chances if you're below ground and stay there during daylight hours, until nearly everyone is gone.
  11. onetime

    Help me answer a friend, how much ammo is enough?

    he needs to get rid of 3/4 of the guns, and get into bullet casting and reloading. Then he'll have plenty of money for plenty of ammo. get airsoft and .177, too. they save a ton of money and time normally wasted on trips to the range. The .177 for precision slowfire, the airsoft for high speed stuff, man vs man.
  12. why give the pos's any ideas about banning all size mags, hmm?
  13. Not gonna happen. No pistol powder is worth a hoot in a defensive rifle cartridge (worthy of the name, much less in a big game rifle.) and no rifle powder is worth a hoot in a ccw pistol. So you might cut it to 2 powders, but you're not going to get it down to 1. Why bother with such "thinking"? You aint gonna be carrying any powder, components, reloading gear anyway. If you've got a setup to reload, why can't you have 2 or more canisters of powder?
  14. onetime

    .308 vs .223?

    put 60 gr Nosler Partition softpoints in the 223 and it will blow your guts out on the ground. So its got plenty of power. here is the facts on the 309's complete lack of any range advantage.
  15. onetime

    Who makes a low-priced AR that will last?

    any brand is good for 5000 rds, and most are good for more like 20,000 rds. 10,000 rds, of even 25c per shot steel cases is $2500. If you can afford to wear it out by shooting it, you can also afford to replace it, or certainly, replace worn parts.
  16. onetime

    IPSC. power factor ( minor or major )

    those who claim that an IPSC champ can't kick their butt (at pretty much anything ) are fos. Cause the type of man who can win such matches has a level of passion and discipline that the dropouts can't even imagine.
  17. onetime

    Everything you wanted to know about .223/5.56 ammo

    no, the 223 wasnt' designed to wound, so stop spreading the lies. Engine blocks, curbs, many things stop 308 bullets and trying to shoot people by shooting at something behind which they are hiding is a great way to run out of ammo, You only get to carry 1/2 as much 308 ammo as 223. There's this thing called "physical limits". More importantly, the 308 lacks a .22lr conversion unit, so you have to have a .suppressed .22lr handgun for foraging small game, killing dogs and cats, eliminating sentries, sentry dogs or, taking cattle at night, etc. It only takes ONE looter type to kill you, while it might take quite a bit of rapidfire to kill him first. it's quite likely that your rifle will need to be concealable if shtf, (in your pack). It's virtually certain that it will need to be suppressed. Noise scares off game and will call in your killers. When you choose the 308, you are choosing to give up the concealment, the .22lr unit, and the suppressor. The 308 aint worth a hoot with less than an 18" barrel and it aint suppressed worth a hoot in less than a 10" "can". 28" is not a handy rifle to be using. You are many times more likely to get killed cause you had a noisy rifle and/or were dumb enough to be out and about in daylight, if shtf. If it's not shtf, a rental satillite phone is many, many times more likely to save you than any longarm could ever be. A longarm is no help if you're hurt or sick, cut off by flood, fire, avalanche. Being seen with a rifle, especially a fighting autloloader, is likely to get you shot. A shortage of ammo might well mean that you're not worth a bullet if you're not seen to have a gun.