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    New addition to the vault...

    270 is just a necked-down 3006 and I bet the 06 is still the more commonly found rd and case.
  2. onetime

    10mm TNW ASR (Aero Survival Rifle).

    we will have usable nuke missiles on our subs for YEARS after shtf. nobody's going to invade us in any military fashion. In face, if 10 million mexicans suddenly swarmed our border, post shtf, I'd expect a nuke to go off in Mexico city, as a warning and to make room for the 10 million back home.
  3. onetime


    I have had to live like this, and man did it ever suck! Way, way ahead to live in an old van, if you're going to be above ground (and thereby, be "findable". I'd prefer to be in a small dugout shelter, myself. with a pair of vertical entry shafts, lids wired to mousetraps "loaded" with .22lr rds in short hunks of pipe, to wake me if anyone's messing around with one of the lids.
  4. onetime

    Simple shelter

    I looked at the site's scout pit, and well, it better be all done at night, with the escavated dirt well hidden. Seemed way to elaborate/time-consuming to me, too likely to get you noticed while you are setting it up. Sort of negates its value if you get sniped while creating it. :-) I can see a bit of digging (at night) , but then go with a very low debris shelter over/around the sleeping gear.
  5. onetime

    So what's in your fire staring kit ?

    a lighter is in my pocket, a spare lighter (with a ranger band wrap) is in the fire kit, with a freznel lense, a skoal can of beeswax 3 wick candle, another such can full of charred punkwood, a matchcase has a few stormproof matches and a few vasolined makeup pads. A leatherman Signal offers a ferro rod and so does the 2 qt stainless steel canteen cup with hinged lid. If the problem is long term, I can make a pumpdrill friction set, with multiple hearthboards and the means to keep them (and a lot of tinder) dry. I have a few baby wipes, which are alcohol-based and are easy to ignite. Some plastic bags and dessicant add to the package. Total weight is a bit over 1/4 lb and can give me 100's of fires.
  6. onetime


    some steels are water or air hardening, and will not harden or temper in an oil bath
  7. the flat tired cars will pile up and you wont be going thru them, even with a bulldozer. Anyone who knows anything wont set up a roadblock where you can see it from a distance. It will be at a turn or dip in the road, masked by a lot of brush. If you try to stop, turn around, clear the nails, etc, you'll get shot up. If it's shtf, dont try to go anywhere by road, or on 4 wheels. Your BOL should be in the woods near your local water source. your stuff should be cached nearby. So all you need to do is walk there, carrying a minimum amount of stuff. If you have a little kid, put them on a bicycle and walk alongside of it.
  8. there's a helluva lot more Indian reservations in OK than are shown on this map
  9. people get lost every day on the streets, too. So what? most people can't get urine out of a boot if the instructions were on the heel. They can't read, so why would they look for instructions?
  10. better forget about electricity or showing any light or anything that looters might notice, for at least a year post shtf. You're going to suffer immensely, or not make it. Face the reality of that. Nobody had any electricity 150 years ago and as recently as 70 years ago, much of the US had none. Most of the world's population still doesn't, actually. it's not the end of life to be without electricity.
  11. damned straight. Only a combat buddy or immediate family (ie, your spouse and kids). and even they are highly likely to cause your early demise. Kids and wives betray their dad/hubby 1000's of times every day and it can be you, too, dead easy, under shtf type stresses.
  12. onetime

    The Times they are "A" changin'

    I hope that israel has enough sense to whack the saudis, too, when they nuke Iran, yemen, etc.
  13. none of the above (or anything else) establishes even an iota of reason to presume a creator. People just hate the idea that they'll be snuffed out and nothing means anything, so they had to "create" a god and an "afterlife" in order to try to make themselves feel like they amount to a crud, but they dont, can't and never will.
  14. onetime

    10mm TNW ASR (Aero Survival Rifle).

    the 9mm carbines and 357 carbines do a LOT better than 4" pistols with the light for caliber bullets, as in 400 fps better. but the 10mm carbine is pointless.
  15. onetime

    .308 vs .223?

    nobody cares if you kill them with 223 or whatever. But you will care if your 308 noise calls in enemies from every direction, or your gun is spotted when you could/should have had it hidden in your pack. You will care when you aint fast enough at getting the hits, when the .22lr unit practice (and the canned 223) would have let you hit faster.
  16. onetime

    A "cheap", I mean affordable pistol....

    kahr offers the "elite" trigger job from their custom shop that is vastly superior to their factory trigger, I am told. I'm not a DAO fan, at all. So I have no personal knowledge about this issue
  17. FIRST you have to get past the year of horror, murder, rape cannabalism, horrific diseases, fires, etc. THEN you worry about all the long term stuff. Nearly everyone will be dead, so you can simply scrounge this stuff. But skills and gear for the combat and avoidance needed in that first year, you're going to die without. Dont kid yourself about this.
  18. onetime

    Scavenger hunt/Survival

    they never mention creating and using a decent latrine, improving a water source, almost never make any containers, NEVER shelter their fire, never use heated stones to warm them, never wet down their shelter to prevent its catching fire. They take HUGE, unnecessary chances with their health (being too incompetent to start a fire and boil their water, for instance, or not covering up with mud vs the sun and bugs.
  19. onetime

    Scavenger hunt/Survival

    watch some of the reality shows and see what all they suffer most for the lack of, and make danged sure that you have those things/skills. Notice how they are sloppy about where they locate their shelter, cause they're a big hurry? you dont NEED a big nice shelter for the first night or two. you may well be totally wasting your time if you later find a better spot, so just make the minimum shelter for the night. You should be carrying a few lbs of stuff that suffices for sleep gear and shelter. You should be carrying enough water for many hours of work/hiking, unless you're in an area that's just full of water sources. You'd best have a water filter, AND iodine or chlorine, cause your filter can fail. boiling a qt at a time is a HUGE pita, even if you do have an alcohol stove (and the fuel) Better HAVE the right clothing, the right tools, plenty of cordage. Minus all the water, food, and gun gear, you can be good for 3 seasons with just 11 lbs of gear, and 4 seasons with another 4 lbs.
  20. onetime

    Surviving the night in cold weather

    I have to ask, "what made me leave?" if it's shtf, I'm not trying to go anywhere by road, or with 4 wheels.
  21. onetime


    I use a hammock where I can, with a tarp cover. If there's nothing from which to suspend a hammock, I just roll up in my other gear and pop a timed release Ambien :-)
  22. onetime


    there's no need to get out of the hammock in order to pee. :-) I made mine out of a monofilament gill net, folded back upon itself several times. It can feed me, if need be.
  23. you're full of it. Evolution has NEVER claimed than one animal gave birth to a different animal. What CAN be seen is that, over time, small changes, the ones that help species do better, become more common and can eventually cause significant changes. All dogs, from the chiwawa to St Bernard, have a common ancestor, but notice how different they look? religionists just dont want to admit that the earth is many billions of years old, that's all. shove it.
  24. onetime

    A "cheap", I mean affordable pistol....

    I went with a Kimber Micro 9, but if I was not super-trained with cocked and locked SA autos, i'd get a Kahr CM9. A double stack mag doesn't conceal well in a front pants pocket holster and pocket sized guns belong in pockets. You can have a real gun and load in a belt rig.
  25. onetime

    Gun oils/lubricants/preservatives

    for the "duty" guns, I use car wax on the exterior and lockease graphite for the high friction areas. For the practice guns, another squirt of WD 40 before each range session.