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    4 gun BOB or Bug Out selection.

    if you're broke, best find ways to make a lot more money. Also, if you can't afford the gun, no WAY you can afford to shoot it enough to be any good with it. if money's tight, you really have no choice but to settle for a .22lr autorifle and something like the Phoenix Arms HP22. Both are pretty easily silenced, and if you have enough sense to not be above ground during daylight hours, a silenced .22lr autorifle can be made to suffice. The HP22 costs less than the mini-revolver, and a good, used .22lr autorifle costs less than a new single shot 410, too. The money not wasted on the other 2 guns will pay for a lot of .22lr practice ammo. It only costs a very few dollars to make fine, threaded=on, commercial grade silencers. There's a way to do it without a machine or welding shop being involved, to include threading of the barrel.
  2. onetime

    4 gun BOB or Bug Out selection.

    if you can't feed your kids, shame on you having them! It costs half a million $ per kid, in the US, in today's money, to properly raise one and if you're not stupid, you'll have half that much already safely invested before you have the kid. Where do people get off "thinking' that others owe them support for raising their kid? if you and your spouse, in 10 years of both of you working, haven't saved 1/4 mill, you are among the 90% who have no damned biz having a kid. You're just not competent enough, and you'll be condemning your kids to lives of poverty. You'll also be mooching off of the taxpayer. Public schooling is WELFARE. It's paid for by property-owners and the great majority of kid-makers aint got any property.
  3. onetime

    the problem with the mini-revolver is

    the comparison was about 2 guns, the single shot shotgun or rifle and the pocket pistol. If you're going to bother to lug around a longarm, why give up rapidfire? there's no reason. If you're going to carry a pistol, why not carry one that offers rapidfire, and a LOT more power than any mini-revolver can offer? Same size and weight, so why settle for 1 hit per second, with 60 ft lbs, when you can have 5 per second, with 200 ft lbs, each hit?
  4. onetime

    there's no reason to bother with the shotgun.

    the money and time spent on the shotgun are much better spent on the far more likely to be used handgun, or the even more likely to be needed hand to hand skills. Just ask George Z about that one. can't even handle one little punk, so you use your pistol and then have to be on the run for the rest of your life.
  5. onetime

    debunking the shotgun myth

    inside the home, yeah, sure you carry that shotgun when you take out the pets, mow the lawn, answer the door, take out the garbage, get the mail, blah blah blah. No you dont, and we all know it. We also know that it takes several seconds to get across a room and snatch up a longarm. And if you had all that time, why not just run up and break his neck, eh? The fact is, you'll be lucky if you're able to draw a pistol in time, cause they'll have smashed their way in or snuck in and will be all over you in a couple of seconds. Joe Yablonski "thought" a shotgun under the bed was enough in his union-fight. But he got shot dead by 4 guys with pistols. Longarms are also very hard to keep ready while being secured. The ccw'd pistol is secure but can be in your hand in sub 1.0 second. the longarm doesn't mean a damned thing if you can't get to it in time. That is a FAR more likely outcome than the pistol not being enough. But then, I'm a proven world class pistolero. Might not be true for lops who can barely tie their shoes.
  6. onetime

    debunking the shotgun myth

    at 5 yds, the riot gun with 00 buck has a pattern just 5" wide, so you can EASILY miss a man's torso with it at that range. The 12 ga is not even CLOSE to being as effective as nearly everyone "thinks' that it is.
  7. onetime

    debunking the shotgun myth

    they'd not be talking to each other in the real world, cause they'd be unable to hear jack squat, detonating a 12 ga in a narrow corridor, without ear protection.
  8. onetime

    debunking the shotgun myth

    here's how it's REALLy done and realize that he could have been using a sound suppressed rifle. :-)
  9. onetime

    if you aint got a timer, you aint fast with a gun

    the fastest draw can easily mean that you don't have to fire at ALL. If you hit somebody with a bullet, it's going to cost you $50,000 to half a million $ to stay out of prison and be "un-sued" out of everything that you ever make. Even then, your life can still be ruined. Just ask George Z about that one. Once they are facing gun, FEW want anything more to do with attacking you. I've pointed a gun (righteously of course) at people half a dozen times in my life. They all froze in their tracks and then fled.
  10. Anyone who works at the draw can learn, in a month of spare time, using airsoft, to reliabley react to the timer's beep,, draw from an openly worn rig, and hit the chest at 10 feet, in .80 second. That means that the attacker, who started standing at 21 ft, will still be over 10 ft away. in the .70 second that it takes the attacker to close the distance (IF you're dumb enough to just STAND there) is time enough to shoot him 3x more. If your pistol is in a concealed belt rig, it will take you another month of practice to be able to turn in 1.20 second times, but you can "buy" for yourself that .40 second simply by jumping back as you draw. Back up 1-2 steps as you get repeat hits. Not hard to do when the guy is 5-6 ft away (and getting closer) The thing to keep in mind is not "omg, he's gonna GET me"!, but rather "this pos is making it easier for me to hit him with my bullets". :-) That change of mindset is crucial to being able to handle the attack successfully. Also, dont forget that you can kick, block, shove him backwards, sidestep, strike, shove the gun up under his chin or into his earhole. After the attack has been handled, keep thinking about how you splattered a nasty cowpile. That was NOT a human being, it was a rabid dog that had to be put down. Sad, but there was no other choice and you did the right thing. In fact, you're a hero
  11. Doj says that most attacks are not made with a gun. UCR says most GUN attacks occur at less than 10ft. If he doesn't have a gun, woe betide you if you fire at more than about 10 ft. Draw and point it at him, sure, but actually drop the hammer, you'll get your butt sued off by his family, maybe go to prison, too. NRA's Armed Citizen monthly column (been a life member for almost 40 years now) says that most SUCCESSFUL uses of guns in defense don't involve even firing and that misses change a lot of minds. NRA does not publish the failures to defend by civilians (with guns), but it happens to somebody every day. Jim Cirillo's book about the NYPD Stakeout Unit (270 armed robbery interventions) only 40 punks "made" the cops fire, even tho they were caught in the act, facing 10-20 years in one of the worse prisons in the US. Add up all the above, and it should be obvious that extreme speed of CCW and repeat hits means a lot more than small, slowfire groups, even if those groups are at 7 yds (much less the 25 yd silliness). If you're fast enough to get the gun pointed at your attacker(s), you probably wont have to hit anyone with a bullet and that will save you $50,000 -$500,000 and perhaps years of misery. Just ask George Z about that! Good hand to hand skills can do the same. A man can be all OVER you from 10 ft in 1.0 second or less, from a standing start, and VERY few can react, ccw draw and hit (at arm's length) faster than that. So, yes, you CAN (very easily) end up in a grappling contest for control of your gun. Kleck and others say that over a million x per year, a civilian uses a gun to stop a crime (or at least, attempts to do so). That's 2500 such incidents per DAY. If you "think" that even 90% are successful, I have a bridge to sell you! :-) Some surveys estimate that such things happen twice as often as that, too. Now that so many have the right to carry, the numbers of such occasions have probably sky-rocketed, actually. The survey I am speaking about here is a decade or more old.
  12. it can easily be proven, with airsoft, that from 21 ft, with an openly worn rig, a man who charges, from a standing start, can be shot several times with ease, if the defender has any skill at all at fast draw. If he also backs up while drawing and firing, the attacker can easily be shot 6-7x. I have met and talked with Dennis Tueller, at the 1979 IPSC Nationals, in LA. HIs testing was the average cop, getting 2 hits, from an openly worh, but secured rig, at 7 yds, but the attacker wont BE at 7 yds, He'll be at 10 ft and closing, correct? If your pistol is concealed and you have your hand on it in a front pants pocket holster, the attacker will have even LESS time before he gets shot. :-) The defender can bend at the knees and fall back or to the side, using a stamping motion at the attackers legs and shooting as he does so. The defender can also normally move to put obstacles between himself and the attacker.
  13. while it will be 10x as safe if you only come out at night (with night vision) it will be much less safe than it was. You can have soft armor, which will protect you from pistols, pistol caliber carbines, muzzleloader balls, .22lr rifles, target tipped arrows, pellet rifles, and richocheting or barricade-first hi v rifle rds, but there's literally trainloads of 223 ammo to be had in the US. You can have a solar charger and night vision, but so can others. There's over 50 million dogs in the US, meaning that they will form packs and be eating dead humans, and attacking live people in short order.
  14. onetime

    4 gun BOB or Bug Out selection.

    even 410 rds are 30 to the lb. and have so little reach that there's no point in having them. A silenced Hi-point mm carbine would be a much better choice than any single shot, or really anything that lacks a very efficient suppressor. you can get 600 ft lbs out of a 9mm carbine, or you can get 150 grs lead hp to 1000 fps, which is 330 ft lbs and probable expansion of the hp, with no sonic crack thru the silencer. when you miss a critter with a silencer and subsonic rd, over half of the time, they just sit there and let you try again. The 9 carbine will reliably take small game at twice the range possible with the 410 slug, so why give up the quietness, rapidfire and GI rd? The hi-point carbine is well proven to be a reliable arm. It's mild enough for use on indoor ranges (with lead bullets) and mild in the house, without ear protection, if you have to use it. It's mild enough that .22lr practice results in actual skill with the 9mm carbine. but, the 9mm lacks the range and AP performance of the 223 and it has no .22lr conversion unit, nor drop in luminous sights. It's not QD and concealable in your pack, either. but it costs 1/3rd what the AR and .22 unit cost.
  15. onetime

    4 gun BOB or Bug Out selection.

    There's no reason to bother with the shotgun or the mini-revolver. you want a .22lr autorifle, best of all, a sound suppressed AR15 shorty with a Ciener .22lr conversion unit. You definitley want a 9mm pistol if all you have is a silenced Marlin Papoose or 1022 for a longarm. The P32 Keltec is many times more gun than the M21 beretta, unless the M21 is silenced. You can pull the 60 gr silvertip jhp from Winchester .32 ammo and hot load it to 1200 fps, for 200 ft lbs and real expansion of the jhp. that's 3x the power of the .22lr and 4x the rate of repeat hits possible with the mini revolver. The p32 is 4.5"x3.5" and weighs just 7 ozs. If you use jhp's in any .32, you have to trim down the semi-rim, or you'll get rimlock mis-feeds. you dont want single shots for shtf, people. you will have armed enemies everywhere. So you need a silenced autoloader with a subsonic ammo option. You'll also need something that shoots both .22lr and the GI rds. A front pants pocket 9mm is out of sight, out of the way of your pack and longarm, out of the elements and accessible. there's no reason to settle for 1/2 of the power of the 9mm.
  16. onetime

    .308 vs .223?

    can't read, eh? for less oal than the 308 without a silencer, you can have a 223 with a silencer. There's a .22lr conversion unit for the 223, but not for the 308. Subsonic 60 gr Aquila .22 ammo, thru the .22 unit and the 223 silencer, sounds like a BB gun if you know to hold shut the bolt with the thumb of your non-firing hand. The 7.5" of silencer makes the 223 sound like a normal .22lr rifle. If you'd rather everyone with in 1.5 miles hears you, instead of only half a mile (and not be able to determine the direction of the 223/silencer user, you're a fool.
  17. onetime

    not a single mention of the main problem

    so what? doesnt mean they were wrong, just that the globalists interfered before they could make it right. The world's got 3x as many people, now, and more coming faster ever day. So when will you see that it is a horrible threat to our existence? cause nature ALWAYS finds a way to stop a species that is overpopulated. Usually be means of pandemic. my way is VOLUNTARY, YOUR way always leads to force. it's just a question of who does the forcing, when and where.
  18. onetime

    10mm TNW ASR (Aero Survival Rifle).

    the total number of illegals is well over 30 million. We can get rid of them simply by making it a FELONY to be here without permission and toss into tent cities anyone who hires or shelters illegals, they 'll 'self-deport". No shelter and no jobs, and at risk of 2 years in a tent city, they'll leave. if they try to leave the tent city, shoot them, cause they'll be committing a forcible felony. Ditto anyone entering the country by means of breaching our double fence of razor wire. we can have that double fence in ONE month, at very low cost, using the same prison inmates whom we now trust to fight wildfires (with armed Nat'l guardsmen watching, of course) it wont matter if a wall is 100 ft high, it will have to have a rifleman every 1/4 mile, and anti-tunneling dogs/radar or it wont suffice. If you have those, the double razor wire fence is all you need. we'll never get a wall. it would cost 100x too much and take 100x too long. half of them come in by airplane, anyway.
  19. onetime

    debunking the shotgun myth

    but you have to run and GET any longarm. If you have time to do all that, you could just run up and rip out the guy's larnyx. More likely, you'll be getting shot/stabbed/clubbed 4x per second while you try. This is FAR more likely than the pistols not being 'enough gun" for home defense. If it's enough for ccw everywhere else, why aint it enough at home, eh? you are far more likely to be attacked while away from home than when within it, by the way. I've had MANY confrontations while away and zero while at home. the rifle belongs well hidden in your vehicle. That's where you're likely to need it (and the range and penetration advantage that it offers over the pistol or the shotgun. In Miami, a one armed man with a Mini-14 killed 2 feds and wounded 5 more badly, by himself, with a bullet thru his other arm and his lung. One of the cops had a shotgun, too. :-) The feds completely missed him over 50 times and then got 8-9 poor hits, until they executed him with 3 shots to his head and neck as he sat, bled out, unarmed in the COP's car, trying to flee after he subdued 7 of the 8 cops. the cop who hit him thru the arm and lung missed him another 14 times. the range for the cops was 7 yds and less. so, except for the 3 execution shots, all the other hits that the fbi got on platt were PURE luck! If you cant do it 11x out of 20 tries, it's the same as a coin-toss, pure luck, and the only got 1 (poor) hit for each 8 shots at that pos murdering, thieving punk. His buddy, matix, was hit in the head with a .38 in the first few seconds, never again held a gun, but was able to stumble to the cop car, with Platt's help. none of the .38's, going thru the windshield, was able to pierce the robber's skulls. they were each killed by a deflected bullet (from skull) down into neck.
  20. so, when you need the meat, when the colder weather helps you preserve it,when the cold limits the number of ticks, lice, flees, flies and skeeters you have to deal with and the pelts are prime, you'll have lots of meat and hides. By then, you should also have the means to salt, stretch,dry, and cache the meat and hides. Then you can face the winter with confidence. You should also have stored-up plenty of maple and birch sap/sugars, bee-honey, and edible plants, of course, especially fruits, seeds, nuts and acorns. Figure on eating some cattail roots, pine cambrium, and spruce needle "tea", to keep your guts working, keep away vitamin deficiency problems, and constipation.
  21. all summer and fall occasionally bait your traps and snares (unset) while you have lots of green plants, young dumb animals, fish are easy to catch, beehives, sap, etc are available. Then, when the weather cools and before all the critters hibernate or migrate, set your traps. There will be several generations of critters that associate your scent with food and there will be nothing (noticable to them) different about the set. Bait everything again, very well and it will be WORTH running your trapline 2x a day. Doing so prevents rotting of the catch, and also limits how many caught animals will be lost to predators.
  22. onetime

    debunking the shotgun myth

    there are and can never be, any effective silencers or flash suppressors for the 12 ga. The can has to be so damned heavy, to have any effect at all, that the sort of threads that hold on an interchangable choke are not adequte. So you need a special, extra thick barrel. the speed of sound is about 1080 fps, and shells vary a bit as to velocity, from shot to shot, with temperature and elevation above sea level. If you want to be sure of not getting sonic crack thru your silencer, you have to hold velocities down to 1000 fps. With such loads, birdshot has about the same effective range as a slingbow, ie, 50 ft. Bird shot patterns will not share the same center POI as buckshot or slugs, either. For shtf, how many each will you carry of slugs, buck and birdshot shells, hmm? At 10 rds to the lb for the 12, you're not going to carry many. Do you consider 25 rds of rifle ammo plenty for a fight? Well then why would 25 rds of slugs amount to a hoot ,hmm? You'll need the slugs if the range is greater than a lousy 20m, unless you've got a special choke or barrel. It's possible to make 3" 000 mag buck effective to 40 yds, in a long barrel, but then you lose the ability to hit multiple targets really fast at 10m and less. so you bust a rabbit at 20 yds, and then 10 guys hear it, know that you're stupid enough to have nothing but a shotgun, sneak up on you with AK's, AR's or .22lr autorifles and ,using cover, at 100 yds or so, plink you. What good did your wonderful slugs and buckshot do you, hmm?
  23. onetime

    BOL size requirements

    I'd start by forgetting all the people except spouse and kids. They'll all talk about your site/preps and half of them will stab you in the back, anyway. every day in the US, 100's of people betray family members, just to not go to jail for a few weeks! Your people are no different and the threats will be much worse.
  24. onetime

    BOL Camouflage

    by the time you get it done, dozens of people will know about it. If you can't do it yourself, in a night or two, leaving no sign, it will be noticed by at least a few people, and they'll talk to quite a few more. If shtf, they'll remember it, too.
  25. onetime

    Underground hideout / man-cave (?)

    dozens of people know about it. My little spider hole was dug in 2 nights. Half of it the first night, the excavated dirt was dumped into a creek and the concealed lid was made and emplaced. Next night, it was finished. Now I walk by it about once a month, to see if there's any sign of anyone having messed with it. Even if someone does find it, pre-shtf, there's nothing there to make them return to it, or even remember it (most likely) But it's a way to get out of sight, and stay out of sight as I enlarge it, post shtf.