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    debunking the shotgun myth

    "best trained" people. my ass. they were typical govt goofoffs. I saw one guy take a full 1.5 seconds to get his 357 out and just point it up in the air, looking around like the lost lil sheepie he WAS. . The SEcret service has orders to jump on the attacker, keep him alive if at all possible, so he can be made to talk about whether he was with others, under orders, etc. anybody who believes in some silly crap like a "god" should go lie down in front of a moving train. if god doesn't want him to die, the train will de-rail, right? and if god DOES want him to die, no matter WHAT he does, he's dead. so he'd better go lie down in front of that train! morons
  2. onetime

    there's no reason to bother with the shotgun.

    making noise, if shtf, aint gonna work for anybody. you can kid yourself about how "remote" you're going to be, but you're fos.
  3. onetime

    .308 vs .223?

    you'll end up doing neither. The woods will be full of people who'll shoot you on sight. Gotta have a silencer, luminous sights, night vision, subsonic ammo, soft armor. and just avoid being above ground during daylight hours.There's no reason to settle for having just a .22lr, when you can have a 4 lb AR15 and 3/4 lb .22lr conversion unit, that's concealable in a pack, with 7.5" silencer option, scope option, etc. the noise of 308 or 12 ga will call in a lot more trouble than you can handle.
  4. onetime


    why have to buy a silencer, luminous sights, scope, trigger job, folding stock, ambi-safety, etc, for TWO rifles, when you can do very well just by having the ONE (correct) rifle.
  5. onetime


    I'd not bother. Instead, get .22lr conversion units for your pistol and rifle, from Ciener firearms. they are not considered by law to be a gun, so they can be shipped in the mail to anyone. The 1022 doesn't handle like any fighting rifle. But the .22 unit in the AR, minus the 223 silencer and with the flashhider, handles just like the 223 with the silencer. Same trigger pull, sights, safety, mag release. You can't carry both a centerfire rifle and .22lr rifle and the needed pack of goodies. But you dont need to settle for having just a .22 lr, either. The caliber swap takes just 10 seconds. the grouping is 2" at 50 yds or better, sometimes much better, and the POI difference is always 2" or less at 50 yds. I just zero the "long range" wing of the AR's peep sight at 200 yds, and cut a v notch into the "normal range" wing. I build up jb weld epoxy "ears" on the modified peep and then file on the epoxy with a 3 cornered file until it's zeroed at 50 yds with the .22 unit. if you need the 223, you can always either just flip up the other wing of the sight after the caliber swap, or if in a really big hurry, being 2" off at 50 yds wont matter.
  6. onetime

    two more words in title

    I believe in always also having a "lesson-teaching" gun, preferably a takedown autoloading .22lr rifle, like the Marlin Papoose, which has low cost spare barrels available. either get a mesh shellcatcher for it, or be ready to replace the ejector, extractor, and firing pin when you replace the 6" long, threaded barrel. (and front sight thereon) You also have to take a dremel to the breechface, removing any identifying machine marks found there. In the past, I have had occasion to make quite a few people really sorry that they hadn't paid me the 1k (in today's money) that they'd promised me, (on time). Cause they had no insurance on their vehicles and no garage in which to hide it once it was full of .22lr holes. :-) That was a guaranteed visit from the cops, and since they were all using and selling, they couldn't risk that. So what they had to do was dump it in the river, or take it out to the desert, set if afire and claim it had been stolen (which is a felony to do). The 6" barrel keeps normal "high-speed" .22lr ammo subsonic. The bullet hitting the car makes a lot more noise than the gun does, even if you're letting the bolt cycle. Quite a bit of noise comes out of the ejection port of a blowback autoloader. Especially at 20 rds per second, like a Mac 10 or Tec9. On a lighter note, novic shooters almost instantly learn to hit well and swiftly repeat-hit, with such a rifle.
  7. especially not at concealed draw and hit. Without that instantaneous feedback about your time, you may have moved faster, but were slower for the hit, either because you missed the mark with your first shot, or cause you had wasted movement in your draw. you can run around the block as fast as you want, you'l never beat the guy who WALKS across the block. I can average (5 tries, after a few warmup draw and hit sequences) sub 1.0 second to react, ccw draw from under a t shirt and hit the chest at 10 ft. the average cop needs 2 full seconds to do the same. If I do this "cold", the average is about 1.20 seconds. Back me up to 20 ft, and I have to slow down about .10 second. Ditto if I have to use surrender hand start, as vs "hands hanging naturally at sides". this is for hits on a 10" circle, with a cocked and locked Commander sized 1911. In that extra one second, at 10 ft, I can get 5 more hits. So yes, a top hand CAN miss (repeatedly) and still win.:-) If I start "hand in pocket", the react draw and hit sequence, at 10 ft, is .75 second or less (warmed up) the "cold" average is only .05 second slower, due to the lack of the need to get a firing grip on the gun, no need to get any cover garment out of the way. I can MISS every .17 second, too. I can react, draw and fire a hip shot from hands in pocket start in. 55 second. (that I'd not bet would hit a man beyond arm's length) But do you see the difference here, between .55 second and 2 full seconds? I can,from the hand in pocket start position, react, draw, and miss 6x as I go to a 2 handed, eye level point stance, and the elapsed time can be as little as 1.60. This allows me another .30 second, for a very controled shot, and I still beat his 2.0 second time for the draw and first hit. So, if my opponent needs 2.0 full seconds to react, make a ccw belt draw and get a hit, he will still lose, even tho I did all that missing. Having 6 rds fly past you, at 10 ft, is pretty danged disturbing to your aim, folks. :-) So he's not at ALL likely to get a hit with his first try, either. :-) In many a "man vs man" IPSC shootoff, I have missed, repeatedly, and still won. The other guy can miss, too (and all most certainly will do so, when it's for real, no ear protection, moving target, shooting back).
  8. onetime

    if you aint got a timer, you aint fast with a gun

    once again, you assume people are too stupid to use darkness and silencers. I am not one of them. Just because I"m fast doesnt mean that I can't also be sneaky. People who are too cheap/lazy/dumb to be fast always assume such things, cause they are stupid and assume everyone else is even dumber than THEY are. :-)
  9. onetime

    if you aint got a timer, you aint fast with a gun

    after 14 years of constant practice, I was one of the fastest draw and hit men IPSC had ever seen, in 1978, but then I got an old Krondek sweephand fast draw timer and my draw and hit sequence got 35% faster in just a couple of weeks of my spare time. When I got access to a modern electronic timer, in 1982, all my shooting got much faster, not just the draw. The krondek required somebody to count the revolutions of the sweep hand, so self-timing of more than 2 seconds was not practical. Even having somebody present was not much help, since they tended to watch me shooting instead of watching the timer hand. :-)
  10. onetime

    .308 vs .223?

    that's not rapidfire and you apparently dont realize that shtf will mean COMBAT. every shot carries the risk of multiple attackers, from any direction, for many hours after the shot. To not have quiet rapidfire is silliness. Also, you never heard of the .32 ACP conversion for the 308? you dont have to bother with reloading the 308 to be a .32, just buy the .32 ammo, or reload same. you can't conceal the 308 auto cause if it's to to have any advantage over the 223 at all, it's gotta have an 18" or longer barrel. To get into position to whack some warlord may well require concealment. Concealment of the rifle is required today, if you dont have an attached. People talk, leading to burglary or trouble with the cops when (not if) such guns are outlawed, as they now are in several states (basically). .32 ammo or 308 isn't NEARLY as findable as .22lr and 223, guy. Guys just HATE to admit that I've thought of so many things that they never have. :-)
  11. onetime

    if you aint got a timer, you aint fast with a gun

    yeah, they're slow, and if they make it, it's cause they are only up againt completely inept ragheads. When would goatherds have a chance to do any gun training and who would be training them?
  12. onetime

    two more words in title

    guess you just dont know where to look? I found all 3 in 5 minutes.
  13. you;'re breaking the law to carry it, and after you pull it out, you're still not armed. Ditto lugging around any sort of single shot. I can clear a malfunction with EVERY shot from an AR15 and still be faster for the repeat hit than anyone can be with any single shot. So WHY give up the rapidfire potential, hmm? there's no reason. Dont kid yourself that if shtf, dozens of people wont hear every non suppressed shot that you fire, and plenty of them will shoot you on sight.
  14. we have 3x as many people, and 50x as many are unable to fend for themselves. they are not stuck with just a single shot shotgun and maybe a horse. All of our seed is hybrid, so it wont reproduce itself. There's no horsedrawn farming implements any more, and the horses will be killed and eaten by starving dog packs and people. People have atv's, motorycycles, ultralw planes, kayaks and sailboats, powered boats, mountain bicycles. there's no place in the US that's more than a couple of day's travel from millions of people. So you wont be alone and the company wont be nice, either! there's 8 million motorcycles in the US. You can easily mount 25 galllons of gas on a bike, giving you up to 1500 miles of reach on road, and half as much off road. During that travel, even the gas from a rototiller, weed eater, or lawn mower will give the bike owner another 20 miles of travel. If he can find a stalled car, he can gain enough gas for another 400 miles of travel. less than 3% of our population live on working farms/ranches. it was 30% during the depression. The number of pos thugs, gang members is 10x as high and the number of Islamic pos's is 1000x as high, too.
  15. onetime

    interesting community

    it makes ZERO sense to set up anyplace where it gets/stays really cold or has lots of snow.. It makes very little sense to set up where it's hot, swampy, desert or barren mountains, either. A year after shtf, so many will be DEAD that you'll be free to travel as you wish. So set up someplace where moving less than 50 miles (ie, easy bicycle ride in one day) changes your elevation by 5000 ft and your temps by 40F. You'll be glad that you did so!
  16. onetime

    Black Friday 2016 ( Sad, just sad )

    there's nothing instant about all the traffic jams and lines. However, a RECORD number of guns were sold on black friday, even with Trump assuring that no confiscation is going to take place. :-) good deal!
  17. onetime

    know why a pistol is better than a woman?

    Especially if it is a .22 with a silencer. My preference is a M21 Beretta with my own design of oval, 3.5" of can in front of the 1/2" longer, externaly threaded after market barrel, for a 9" OAL. 14 ozs and will reliably, standing with both hands, no support, hit 2" disks at 50 ft. Given that most critters dont flee when the shot is quiet, that's enough accuracy for a lot of fun. Sig has a 1/2" longer threaded barrel for their .22lr conversion on their P938 pocket 9mm, which fits on the Kimber Micro9 just fine. The end result is a gun that's 6.5" long, so the OAL is 10", but it's still just 16 oz. it's easier to arrange than the "canned" M21, (by quite a bit) and if you dont mind disabling your 9mm, the kit is a bit lighter than the M21. Also, the .22 conversions, of any type, are not considered to be guns. They can be shipped in the mail to anyone. My preference for hikes is to have both the 14 oz canned M21 and the 15 oz Micro9 9mm. The total weight is less than a 4" .38, and no more than a glock 17's empty weight. For most any shot on the trail, the .22 is what you want, but when the .22's not enough, I like to get field experience with my ccw gun and load. When on the deer stand, it's nice to be able to silence that bluejay thats yelling:" danger here, danger!". :-) or pop starlings/grackles for entertainment, or take any rabbit/squirrel that comes along, all without running off any deer that's headed my way.
  18. icepick is a good way to get shot. Counting on getting close enough for either one is foolhardy. A Marlin Papoose with 8" of barrel and 6" of silencer, with a telescoping buttstock lets you get into position without being noticed, and can brain a man from 30 yds, easily enough.
  19. onetime

    Basic minimum kit for a planned day hike

    I rarely bother with the rifle, but if I'm gonna be more than CRAWLING distance from a dwelling or my vehicle (especially in the mountains) I want the full kit, to include the pocket 9mm, AND a rental satellite phone if it's wintertime.
  20. onetime

    Why do women lie, here it is.

    If you aint getting her to pay half of the bills and another 30k per year cash to you, you aint going at it right. :-)
  21. onetime

    debunking the shotgun myth

    if the pocket 9mm aint enough, the shorty AR with silencer aint too much gun, either. and it is FAR more versatile/useful than any shotgun can ever be. Look at any ballistics chart and you'll see that 12 ga slugs drop like rocks and drift in the wind like balloons. Rifle sights hurt a shotgun's performance for wingshooting, and a bead sight aint worth a damn for hitting cover using men beyond 30 yds, even if you do have slugs. What you gonna do, load it with every other rd buck and slugs, and waste one or the other with every other shot? Do you know that different types of buck have different POIS (center of the pattern)? do you know that the buck wont be centered where your slugs are? what happens when your blasting of a rabbit calls in hostile riflemen, hmm? They can hear your 12 ga for over a mile. They wont hear the subsonic .22, thru the Ciener unit/AR, beyond 50 ft. I can carry 10x as many 60 gr Aquila subsonic 22's as you can carry 12 ga shells. There are BILLIONS of rds of 223 in NG and military arsenals and VERY few 12 ga shells. If shtf, those arsenals will be breeched, so 223 will be the main rd found/bartered, other than 22lr. There's very few slugs or buck shells at any given wally's, mostly just small birdshot, which is pretty worthless vs men past about 20 yds, and even then, you'll have to center the pattern on his head/neck. when people actually have to lug around 100 rds or so in case of combat-need, they won't like 12 ga at ALL. :-) i can carry 3.5 rds of 223 for the same weight as one 12 ga shell. The AR can be as lw as 4 lbs, too.
  22. onetime

    debunking the shotgun myth

    so who says that the man will be fully exposed? who says that he'll be stupid enough to only have as shotgun or pistol, and not smart enough to use a rifle and cover, from 100 yds, eh? you imagine things going your way, that's your problem. why not just imagine that the gun will never be needed, while you are fantasizing?
  23. onetime

    debunking the shotgun myth

    you'd need a 3" 12 ga mag to get 2500 ft lbs, from a slug. No Jeff was not a world class pistolero. He was barely a B class competitor, during his best days, and no he did not say that thing about the rifle. Clint Smith said it, and it's bs for anyone but an infantryman who is actually in a combat zone. I knew Jeff personally and knew a LOT of guys who were with him for many years, like Kenny Hackathorn, Raul Walters, Dick Thomas, Gerry Gore. Ray Chapman, Mike Harries, Bill Wilson. The ones still living can tell you some REAL stories about Jeff. :-) I am in this picture. I helped Jeff set up the IPSC.
  24. onetime

    4 gun BOB or Bug Out selection.

    the 5" barreled version of the HP22 is amazingly accurate, after you loctite the "adjustable" rear sight in place. It will group 1.5" at 25 yds. Another such barrel, cut off at 3 3/4" length, can be externally threaded for a silencer.
  25. onetime

    4 gun BOB or Bug Out selection.

    your local jr college will give you a 2.7k grant, which will cover your actual costs for attending a semester. they will also give you a 6k loan, at 7%, that you need not start paying on for a year after you get the money. they will settle for $60 per month payments and you can make $250 a month selling your blood plasma.