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  1. you also have to know to boil your food, so you dont lose nutrients and drink the broth. you also have to boil the heads and crack open and boil the bones, for the fat therein and then boil off the water, so as to retain the fat for later use. baited treblehooks will catch waterfowl, by far the best fat source. It's a horrible thing to do, justified only by lean-meat starvation.
  2. if you go at this right, and if you start with 60+ lbs of body fat, you can win by lasting 3 months. Nobody's ever lasted 2 months, and they wont last any longer, unless they get lots of traps, trotlines and nets going for them. active hunting (with a wooden bow and restricted areas) wont hack it, for sure. The slingbow is a lot easier to have handy than any bow, and it offers the use of clayballs for targets not worth the risk of loss or breakage of an arrow. The surge is SO much more capable than any one knife (or saw) that the choice is a no brainer. you get batteries given to you (and replaced readily) so you can short them out into charred punk wood and start fires in that manner. You are given a flare, which can start your first fire. that fire can dry out your bow drill spindle and hearth, and your tinder. The tape and chunks of tarp can form airtight containers for keeping dry your fire-kit and tinder, too. ASAP, make a pumpdrill, so you dont have to work so hard to start a fire and so you're not battery dependent.
  3. now that I've discovered that a considerably longer saw blade can be fitted to the Leatherman Surge, that is my choice instead of the saw. There's not that much need for structural construction, cause nobody's going to last more than 3 months with the gear and hunting/fishing restrictions of the Alone show. Certainly no one's going to make it thru a winter with such limitations. So why bother with a large, heavy duty shelter? Why be restricted to one area, cause you're stuck with that shelter. Go with 2 broadheads, and 4 fishing heads. remove the 4 spring wire barbs from a couple of the fishing heads and convert them to small game blunts. Use the Surge's pliers and file to convert the wires into fishhooks. For the remaining 2 fishing heads, remove one of the barbs, and shorten the other 3 barbs, gaining you wire for another 12 fishing hooks.. YOu'll be able to make more arrows with the duct tape as fletching. The slip on rubber fletchings that you came with are easily swapped onto new shafts that you make, too. Short cross sticks on the foreshaft help you hit small critters. you can split/barb/sharpen and fire=harden wooden fishing heads. Bones make decent big game heads.
  4. nothing extreme about my claims. I couldn't gaf less whether you believe it or not.
  5. the man who invented them called them "silencers". the LAW about them calls them silencers, and the guy who wrote by far the best selling book about them (me) calls them silencers. so wtf are you, hmm?
  6. .44 mag lever, react to the timer beep, shoulder his "Brooklyn Special" and get 2 hits on each of 3 gongs, 3 yds apart, and 10 yds distant. When I pointed out that I could do the same thing in 1.9 seconds with the rifle that he called a "poodle-shooter" (the M4) and in 2.2 seconds with an SKS (legal at the time in NYC) he got upset with me. another time, at the 1980 IPSC nationals, I asked why the 223 was a "minor" caliber (scoring handicap in the rifle matches) when it had more momentum than the .45, which is scored "major caliber" (a big scoring advantage) He got po'd about THAT, too. :-) I also questioned his edict "no speed level is fast enough" with a pistol, yet a bolt action Scout rifle was AOK for combat. :-)
  7. good 223 loads have twice the power that the "gun that won the west" had. the 44-40 lever action was 200 grs lfp at 1200 fps, 640 ft lbs, with at least a third of that wasted on the far of the man or deer. 60 gr Nosler Partition softpoints penetrate adequately, but don't waste any power on the far side of the man. So the reality is that even the M4 hits twice as hard as the 44-40, on top of offering twice as fast repeat hits, 3x the effective range, silencer, AP on soft armor, .22lr conversion unit, concealment in your pack, one handed use and no more cost than the lever action. The cowboy action 44-40 loads are so wussy that they might as well be .22lr. Such has to be the case to let the silly users get some repeat hit speed.
  8. lots more horses than moose, too. :-) lots more chickens and domestic turkeys, and waterfowl than wild ones, most likely, too. Walking around during daylight hours, if shtf, will get you shot, just for the hell of it by some, as a precaution by others. Small game aint worth the risk. At best, it's something to trap/snare, and best service your lines at night, showing no light. A passive IR monocular is sub $200, shows you animals and people. and a kid's airsoft NVD goggle is about $100, and will suffice to show you where you are walking. Luminous sights for the AR run about $100 it's dark half of the time, and if you can't see or aim, you're helpless.
  9. India doesn't have to defend itself vs china. The american taxpayer is shouldering that burden. If India had to do so, they'd not have one dime to spare for anything else.
  10. pretty much all of them, actually.
  11. I am, but almost nobody wants to spend that sort of money. A properly set up AR is nearly $2000, even if you do build your own silencer. For the cheapskates, a silenced .22lr autorifle, which takes down easily, is the next best option. and frankly, not one in 1000 men knows enough for more than the .22 to make any difference.
  12. it's just a spiderhole. I could have 5-6 more just like it, without a lot of trouble, and almost zero actual expense. I aint putting lots of time or money into something that I hope I never need and which is no fun at all. anything really nice will have people in it before you can get there, and more coming as fast as they can get there. Which is nothing I want anything to do with.
  13. the (violent) protesters better lay off of it, cause Don probably will tell the cops to shoot them in the guts and be done with them.
  14. I'd never pay that sort of money for that sort of "food".. I buy legumes and grain from local farmers at harvest season. Doesn't take much work (fun actually) or $ to put up a lot of venison jerky, either. add some "no cook" stuff like almond butter, Tang, powdered gatorade, instant oatmeal, and some Crisco, and you can be pretty well off for $1 per day per adult. The stuff that wont keep forever, I can replace cheaply, or we eat/rotate it.
  15. ever see how most live in India, dipshit? you dont want anything like that for yourself or your kids, I promise you!