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  1. Howardpeply

    Training with your BOB ( bug out bag )

    I figured in the summer I wouldnt even need to bring a sleeping bag, just use this. Of course, if it got cold Id be outa luck.
  2. Howardpeply

    Walking Dead S3E1

    I have recently got into watching Walking Dead. My dad and his CB friend love it to bits I have been catching up on old episodes. Locing it so far
  3. Howardpeply

    Less Lethal

    Do everything you can to avoid violence, including running away or fast talking if practical. If you have to defend yourself, go for the jugular, attack with your most lethal option and don't stop until they can not attack you again. Paintball will just piss them off and throws away surprise. If you drive them off with a paintball they will come back at night and light your house on fire, then shoot you as you come out. UnderTheRadar