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  1. The 6.2 is built to MIL spec's. I have a 200 mile daily commute. That's right 200 miles every work day. I bought a Chevrolet Cruze with the 2.0 turbo diesel. The worst mileage I got was in January when it was -25 degrees. I got 33mpg. On hot summer days I have gotten as high as 64mpg. Coming out of the Rockies on summer vacation for a 25 mile stretch I got 87mpg. With the turbo I can pass anything I want. I was cruising at 90+ thru Utah and Idaho and still got high 40's. Last week My son's home was broken into and some electronics and a handgun was stolen. I raced to his home. I did 103 miles in 1 hour and 7 minutes and averaged 47.8mpg. I've got 116,000 miles on it in 2 years. I've replaced the tires, wiper blades, timing belt, fuel, air and oil filters. I am very happy with a diesel and am looking at replacing my pick-up with a diesel, either the Colorado or a Wrangler.
  2. Rudy

    Bug-out BIKE

    I've used a Mountain bike built by Huffy for 16 years. I just bought a Fuji FAT TIRE bike. I ride on gravel roads, sand and soon snow. The mountain bike just didn't cut it in the sand. I'm looking for a rack in back and a small seat bag. I'd like to find a small frame bag for a Glock and a magazine. I tried to find a bottle cage that would take a Nalgene bottle, but couldn't find any. I'm 6' tall and 250#.