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    10mm TNW ASR (Aero Survival Rifle).

    9mm carbines do not actually do 400fps better. I tested a 16" barrel Sig Sauer MPX-C, and ran three different types of ammo over the chronograph with both the MPX and my 3.9" barreled Sig Sauer P320 Compact. Here are the results: Federal American Eagle 115 grn FMJ: Sig MPX average muzzle velocity: 1,321 fps Sig MPX average muzzle energy: 446 ft. lbs. Sig P320 average muzzle velocity: 1,113.3 fps Sig P320 average muzzle energy: 317 ft. lbs. Difference: 208.31 fps / 129 ft. lbs. Difference per inch of barrel length: 19.65 fps/12.17 ft. lbs per inch of barrel PMC Bronze 115-grain JHP Sig MPX average muzzle velocity: 1,238 fps Sig MPX average muzzle energy: 392 ft. lbs. Sig P320 average muzzle velocity: 1,052 fps Sig P320 average muzzle energy: 283 ft. lbs. Difference: 187.67 fps / 109 ft. lbs Difference per inch of barrel length: 17.61 fps/ 10.2 ft. lbs per inch of barrel Sig Sauer Elite V-Crown 124-grain JHP Sig MPX average muzzle velocity: 1,315 fps Sig MPX average muzzle energy: 476 ft. lbs. Sig P320 average muzzle velocity: 1,105 fps Sig P320 average muzzle energy: 336 ft. lbs. Difference: 210 fps / 140 ft. lbs Difference per inch of barrel length: 17.35 fps/ 11.6 ft. lbs per inch of barrel The best I got was 210 fps better velocity from 16" to 3.9". The 9mm just doesn't have enough powder capacity to make it worth the extra barrel length, no matter how fast or slow the powder burns. The 10mm might; I know the .357 Magnum and .44 Magnums definitely do, but you're stuck with lever-actions or single-shots unless you can find a Ruger .44 Carbine or 99/44, or a Timberwolf carbine. The Sig MPX review is here: http://survivalcache.com/sig-sauer-mpx-c-9mm-review-smg-submachine-gun/
  2. Drew_Forge

    .308 vs .223?

    I have an AR-10 as my truck gun instead of an AR-15. Nothing says "I don't approve of what you're doing" like four 20-round P-Mags stuffed with .308 love. 'nuff said.
  3. Drew_Forge

    10mm TNW ASR (Aero Survival Rifle).

    Never seen/heard of it - that's never a good sign. Low production numbers combined with low "buzz" usually (but not always) means a less-than-stellar product. I'll try contacting TNW, maybe I can score one for a review? It looks like they produce AR-based rifles as well as this multi-caliber 'Aero Survival Rifle". In my experience, though, semi-auto pistol-caliber carbines only give a couple hundred FPS boost with a 16" barrel over autopistols with 4" or so barrels. Not enough juice to make it worth the added bulk, in my opinion. Maybe if you handloaded the 10mm you could stuff enough slower-burning powder in the case to take advantage of all that extra barrel, but I doubt it.
  4. Drew_Forge

    A "cheap", I mean affordable pistol....

    Kahr is good stuff; I had an MK40 as a backup gun for a long time. That long DAO trigger pull takes lots of practice to master, though.
  5. I've spent a great amount of time backpacking in Northern Maine's "paper county", and I would say that still holds fast as true wilderness. I certainly wouldn't want to have to bug out there - though wood and riviers/streams/lakes are abundant, actual supplies or camps can be few and far between, or plain old nonexistent. I'd rather take my chances in a modestly rural environment where supplies can be found/scavenged within a day's walk, and, more importantly, shelter is sturdy houses and barns, and more likely to be untouched by ravaging masses for a longer period of time.
  6. Drew_Forge

    Gun oils/lubricants/preservatives

    So I'm just about running out of my beloved Liberty Gun Lube, but they sold the company and I don't think it's the same formula anymore. I've used Hoppe's Elite and Frog Lube in the past, and CLP is OK but I like seperate gun oils, bore/carbon cleaners, and preservatives. What do you guys use for everyday use gun oils? Remoil sucks IMO - it's just recycled machining oil and I haven't had good luck with its rust preventing properties. Been looking at Lucas's new line of products, as well and EWL. Let me have it! What works best for you? I honestly don't think any modern lube is much better than the other as long as it's used regularly, but I'm willing to try something new.
  7. Drew_Forge

    Who makes a low-priced AR that will last?

    Windham Weaponry makes exquisite AR variants, best bang for the buck I know of. I have personally toured the plant, have my AR armorer's certificate through them, and my personal SHTF AR has a Windham Weaponry SRC HB upper. I also own an 18" .308 AR-10 from W-W; I reviewed here: http://survivalcache.com/survival-gear-review-windham-weaponry-r18fsfsm-308/ I own Colts and have had older and newer Bushmasters, but I like My Windham Weaponry guns best. I wouldn't even glance at a DPMS or a new Bushmaster, or other "budget" guns. If I had a grand to spend on an AR, I'd get a Windham Weaponry CDI or SRC and never look back.
  8. It's opening day of resident firearms season for whitetail deer here in Maine. Anyone else taking their rifle for a walk in the woods?
  9. Drew_Forge

    New addition to the vault...

    Snake, I'm very happy with this group; it's just fine for hunting, and is better than I expected for shooting with open sights. The front bead covers the target at 100 yards, so in theory it could have been shooting all over the paper and been well within its rights. If this was going to be a dedicated long-range hunting rifle, I might glass bed the action and go a little crazy, but the fact of the matter is this is a 58 year old rifle that will be used to hunt whitetails in terrain that might give me a 150-yard shot; it's perfect as is. I prefer open receiver sights on bolt action rifles for hunting in the Maine woods - my eyes are still decent enough that I'd feel comfortable taking a shot on a standing whitetail at up to 200 yards with this setup. The 721/722/725 platform is noted for its superb accuracy; maybe one day down the road when my eyes aren't great anymore I'll scope it and see what it can do if I geek out and tweak for the best accuracy I can - or maybe I'll just give it to my now 3-year-old son as-is so he can enjoy it as much as I do.
  10. Drew_Forge

    It's my favorite day of the year!!

    Well, today is the last day of muzzleloader season, and here I am, sitting in front of my laptop putting finishing touches on a couple gear reviews and working on our new site, tacticalcache.com, instead of heading out in pursuit of antlered ungulates. Struck out this year; luckily I'm heading to Mississippi in January for a combination duck/deer hunt - hopefully I'll have more luck with that. Anyone tag on this year?
  11. Drew_Forge

    Training with your BOB ( bug out bag )

    I usually take mine for a walk once a month, with a BO rifle and pistol. The loadout altogether is probably 40 lbs, closer to 50 in winter with additional heavier clothing. Problem I have up here in Maine in winter is keeping the half gallon or so of water in my BOB from freezing. I go pretty minimalist, don't really have much shelter in mine besides a tarp and heavy reflective blanket/bivvy. Luckily, there is no shortage of local terrain/foliage to create shelters and insulation from.
  12. Drew_Forge

    Walking Dead S3E1

    I haven't really gotten into this 7th season at all; just the first episode everyone freaked out about. How is it?
  13. I work for a company that uses a lot of polycarbonate, and back in my construction days, I installed a LOT of bulletproof glass. The reason that it is not installed in squad cars in that the polycarbonate of necessary thickness to stop a handgun bullet is very heavy and very expensive, plus it's usually an inch thick or more. It takes a lot of work and expense to modify a squad car to accept that material...it's not just a quick retrofit like screwing on a light bar and splicing wires.
  14. Drew_Forge

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    My new article that just went up on SHTFblog highlights my feelings on guns pretty well... http://www.shtfblog.com/the-theory-and-practical-application-of-the-walking-around-rifle-sako-l-46/
  15. Drew_Forge

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    More gun porn! Sako L-46 Riihimaki .222 Remington...
  16. Drew_Forge

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    I've always been a Timney guy myself, installed several in my day. This Remington 725 is the deluxe variant of the 721/722, with a drop hinged floorplate and three-position safety. It came before the 700 and its trigger issues. I pulled this one completely apart, bolt and all, and it has been thoroughly de-spooged. The rifle definitely was used and stuck in a corner, from the huge amounts of light surface rust (that came off cleanly) and the thick layer of dust. Ain't none of youse other guys have some gun porn pictures? Geeez...do I have to do all the work?
  17. Drew_Forge

    New addition to the vault...

    I shot one "fouler" round after a thorough cleaning, and then settled down at the bench with the old girl. These are the first three shots at 100 yards. Never touched the sights! Federal 130 grain SP factory ammo. Hot damn! Not too shabby for open sights.
  18. Drew_Forge

    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    I definitely need to get primers, projectiles, and powder before the November run hits. And you know it's gonna. Been cranking out 9mms on the Dillon like it's going out of style, probably have 500 or so up and ready to go. Just 115 grain FMJ target loads, but it's better than shooting up "the good stuff".
  19. Drew_Forge

    New BOB items to consider

    What do you guys use to EMP-proof small electronics in your BOB? I tested an actually-useful electronic device - the goTenna (my review here) and I was thinking an older smartphone with the goTenna app installed, a pair of goTennas, and a solar charger would be a great BOB addition. I also like your idea of adding pre-loaded micro SD cards with movies, music, and useful info for later reference. Thoughts?
  20. Drew_Forge

    Another spammer in the forums.

    Done, thanks for the heads up.
  21. Drew_Forge

    9mm loads?

    Okay, so I've been having a bit of trouble finding a really GOOD load for my Sig P320 compact for a practice round. I've been playing around with a few, but nothing really seems to produce better than like 3" groups at 12 yards. The best I've been able to come up with is 4.5 grains of TiteGroup under a 115 FMJ, but it's nothing to write home about. And I know the gun is capable of good accuracy; it'll shoot 124-grain Sig Sauer Elite JHP ammo into a ragged one-hole group at 12 yards. So what are you guys running for 9mm loads? For components, I have readily available: POWDERS - Unique, TiteGroup, Bullseye, HP-38 PROJECTILES - 115 grn Berry's plated bullets, 124 grn Berry's plated, 124 grn cast lead Primers are CCI small pistol. ...aaaaaaannnndddd...GO!
  22. Drew_Forge

    Fishing gear in BOBs

    Do any of your guys make room in your BOB for fishing gear? My brother gave me a slick collapsible Coleman fishing rod that telescopes down into a case about the size of a large cigar, and a few hooks, split shot, and a bobber don't take up much room if properly packaged...so I stuffed it in the back of the bag, since there is a LOT of fishable water scattered about here in Maine. How about you? Does fishing take a place in your bug-out plans? I figure even a bluegill or pumpkinseed on a stick is better than starving...
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    Looks like we had a new spat of spammers. I'm trying to keep on top of them. Please report as you see them, thanks!
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    Hey guys, We just had an attack of the evil Russian spammer - maybe they were taking a break from rigging the election. I've eradicated all evidence of him and blocked them from posting, so that should stop the spam from him, anyway. I will be trying to loosely moderate and keep an eye on things in the forum (as well as trying to pull in new members) so please shoot me a message to alert me to any spam crap you guys see. I will delete the posts and any following posts members make regarding said spammers. Thanks for the assist, all those that kept me in the loop! -Drew
  25. Drew_Forge

    Mini-gun on a motorcycle, Cool bike.

    I'll take two!