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    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    The blue Dillon Square Deal B is kind of a progressive, isn't it? I actually have two SDBs, one set up for 9mm, one for .45ACP. I just unbolt one and mount the other when I want to switch calibers. I gave my father a Dillon XL650 for his birthday 10 years ago. it's been sitting in a drawer unused. I'm going to go adopt it and convert it to 9mm, give the 9mm Square Deal B to my brother.
  2. Drew_Forge

    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    Had a couple hours to myself so I gave the dingy cement block walls of my reloading area a nice coat of bright white paint, re-purposed a wooden shipping crate into a powder/primer magazine (lockable door to come soon), and re-organized myself. Was badly needed. Still need to re-locate the presses to better locations and reinforce the bench at left so it too can accept a press.
  3. Drew_Forge

    Pistol Caliber Carbines

    The carbine conversion kit pictured above has a 16" barrel, fixed stock, and no venereal diseases. Good to go!
  4. Drew_Forge

    Pistol Caliber Carbines

    P210Sig, I don;t have it here in front of me right now, but I do believe this is a Canadian frame. It's got to be closing in on 20 years old.
  5. Drew_Forge

    EDC illumination?

    I actually have a couple Paklite 9volt lights in for a review; one is the glow-in-the-dark model you mention above. You're right, they are great lights! I like the fact that I can probably scrounge a power supply from an abandoned house's smoke detectors...
  6. Drew_Forge

    Pistol Caliber Carbines

    Yeah, this is a pretty cool rig, you just pop the slide, barrel, and recoil spring assembly off the 1911 frame, then slide this carbine kit on in place. The whole works is held in place by the slide stop. I'm gonna throw a red dot or small scope on it for testing purposes and let 'er rip. The frame is an early Para-Ordnance P14. Holds a lot of big fat slow moving ammunition.
  7. Drew_Forge

    Introduction Thread

    Welcome aboard Butler! Jump on in!
  8. Drew_Forge

    Help me

    Try Numrich, www.gunpartscorp.com . It might be easier/cheaper just to bring a longer barrel to a gunsmith and have him cut it off and mount a bead.
  9. Drew_Forge

    two more words in title

    I don't like buying online; I like my local gun shops, personally. I've seen then on Guns America, FunBroker, etc....I'd rather pick up and gun, look it over, inspect it, and make sure it's what I want before I pull the trigger (pun intended)
  10. Drew_Forge

    debunking the shotgun myth

    Damn, I'd love to sit and hear some of those stories sometime over a stiff drink... Just looked it up, you're 100% right on the quote; Clint Smith said it. However, I still think it rings true to many, not just infantrymen; I carry a long gun in my truck, and due to concealed carry law, a handgun on my person. In a SHTF situation, you bet I'd use that pistol to get to my long gun. I do remember something Clint Smith said about if someone KNEW they were going into a gunfight, nobody would choose a handgun.
  11. Drew_Forge

    debunking the shotgun myth

    I believe Jeff Cooper (another "world-class pistolero") said "you use your handgun to fight your way to the long rifle" - or something to that effect. Of course you're not going to have a long gun with you at all times. For instance, Maine concealed carry law mandates that a citizen can only carry handguns concealed - so if you're out in public, you'll likely only have your concealed handgun. Gotta use it what you got and hope it's enough.
  12. Drew_Forge

    debunking the shotgun myth

    So true.
  13. Drew_Forge

    the problem with the mini-revolver is

    I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. How is a mini-revolver in any way tactically comparable to an AR-15 and your ability to clear a stoppage? And if you're breaking the law to carry a mini-revolver, how is an AR legal to carry under the same circumstances? I'm not harassing you, I'm just trying to figure out what your statement is about.
  14. Drew_Forge

    there's no reason to bother with the shotgun.

    The shotgun definitely has a place for a survival gun, and if I could only have one survival long gun in a SHTF bug-out scenario to my BOL, I'd rather have the shotgun than an AR to forage/hunt with. I've never shot a deer over 60 yards away here in Maine, and small winged game is plentiful. The shotgun is a needed tool to have in the toolbox in certain situations, certain locations. Hard to hit a flying partridge with a .22. But that's my location in rural Maine; if I lived in Detroit I'd rather have an SBR for a SHTF gun. You should't make sweeping proclamations about the shotgun being useless when it certainly does have a welcome place in some people's situations, like mine. The shotgun, in all its action forms, is also an easier defensive platform to master for newer shooters. The larger shells are easier to manipulate, the guns are simpler, and three points of bearing for a long arm (shoulder-hand-hand) are better than two or one for a handgun(hands only). If you're worried about different manuals of arms for different guns, then why have more than one gun, period? So it has a different operation and safety location...big deal. That's why you practice with what you have. Take courses, familiarize yourself with what you use. It could be argued that you should know manuals of arms and safety techniques with all guns, in case you need to scavenge "battlefield pickups". What happens when your AR breaks or you lose it, and you have to use a Mini-14 or M-1 Garand you found in a house? Totally different setups than an AR. But if you limit yourself to using and learning only your handgun and and AR, you're fucked. Illuminated shotgun sights aren't hundreds of dollars. Meprolight offers its tritium shotgun bead for $35.00 through Brownells. Three-dot sights are a shade over $100. the most expensive tritium sight set I could find was about $180, but it included a protected front sight band, rear ghost ring sight, and full picatinny rail to mount optics. I can appreciate if your situation dictates that a shotgun isn't practical. However, a shotgun certainly does fill a need, and I don't think that not having one - or even shunning it altogether - is irresponsible in many survival sitautions.
  15. Drew_Forge

    AR renovation time...

    Wally, I can't either, which is why I've had to save up a while just to rebarrel and put new handguards on this one. I had the receiver extension, spring, and buffer kicking around after I bought a complete LPK from Brownell's a few years back during the Newtown scare. I had the A2 birdcage flash supressor kicking around too. Out of pocket, I've had to buy a barrel, gas tube, Magpul MOE rifle length handguards, and Magpul rear stock. Speaking of the Magpul rear stock, the MOE stock I bought from the local Cabela's was for a commercial buffer tube, not the mil-spec one I have. Total noob mistake, I can't believe I did that. Oh well, it's an excuse to go back. Might upgrade to a CTR for the extra $20.
  16. Drew_Forge

    4 gun BOB or Bug Out selection.

    Interesting. I'll have to think about this one and post back after work. I know I wouldn't put all my eggs in one basket caliber-wise (like your .22LR firearms) and I REALLY doubt I could make any effective hits on game or badguys out to 200 yards with a .22 or .410. Any I wouldn't limit myself to a "minimum"...limiting myself that way seems to be a recipe for disaster.
  17. Drew_Forge

    interesting community

    With my luck, I'd buy one and get stuck next to the one the Clintons or Rosie O'Donnell bought.
  18. Drew_Forge

    debunking the shotgun myth

    Gotta love the shotgun handling in this one. Great movie if you haven't seen it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ypyI2U72LVM
  19. Drew_Forge

    debunking the shotgun myth

    I had to. http://tacticalcache.com/debunking-shotgun-myths/
  20. Drew_Forge

    two more words in title

    Man, I've been trying to find a Marlin Papoose for years. Damn things are impossible to find. I want to do a comparison article on survival rifles - Ruger 10/22TD vs. Marlin Papoose Vs. Henry AR-7...but no Papooses to be found.
  21. Drew_Forge

    Basic minimum kit for a planned day hike

    ^^^ What onetime said. The BOB comes with me, along with a rifle.
  22. Drew_Forge

    10mm TNW ASR (Aero Survival Rifle).

    So how 'bout that 10mm carbine?
  23. Drew_Forge

    debunking the shotgun myth

    If there's one thing I've learned from my use hunting and "tactical" shotgun classes I've taken, it's that the shotgun is a truly fearsome weapon in the hands of someone trained to use it. But you have to stay inside the envelope. 25-30 yards is about it for 00 buck, depending on choke. And lead foster-type slugs drop so quickly that at past 50 yards you really need to start worrying about "kentucky windage". Inside, defending a house, I'd rather have a 12 gauge with 00 buck, a drop pouch full of loose reloads, and a good sidearm than an AR, any day of the week. But you have to know how to properly reload, cycle the action, and change loads quickly. Just using your field 870 after bird hunting ain't gonna cut it.
  24. Drew_Forge

    New addition to the vault...

    So I went to my local Cabela's and while perusing the racks, I found a long-time lust gun. A Remington 725 in .270 with a Lyman 48. It was extremely...well, "previously enjoyed" but it will be a fun winter project. And I've been wanting a .270 for a while...so I talked myself into it. Didn't take very long.
  25. Drew_Forge

    New addition to the vault...

    Actually the .270 was developed from the .30-03 case, which is the parent case to the .270, .280, and .30-06. The .30-03 has a longer neck that was shortened to make the '06, since the standard bullet weight went from 220 grains to 150 and the case didn't require such a long neck. .30-06 is probably easier to find in general, but I'd bet that varies by locale.