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  1. Drew_Forge

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    For this rainy afternoon's revolver-induced drooling, I submit this 1979-manufactured 4" S&W Model 25-5 in .45 Colt. Super sweet shooter with the slickest action of any of my Smiths.
  2. Drew_Forge

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    Did someone say a 5" Model 27? I don't have one of those, but I DO have a 1953-manufactured 5" PRE-27 with Rosewood "Coke Bottle" grips. Probably my favorite N frame ever. How bow dah?
  3. Drew_Forge

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    Yeah, I love T-grips! They're on almost all my Smiths. I actually don't mind the Mag-Na-Porting on that .44 Magnum. It does help with muzzle flip. Though it's definitely louder!
  4. Drew_Forge

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    Oh, you want to do Smith & Wesson revolvers? Game on! I see your two K-frames, and raise you three of my N-frames: a Mag-Na-Ported 4" 629, a 4-screw 3 1/2" Model 27, and a 4" Model of 1989 .45ACP - my steel plate gun.
  5. Drew_Forge

    Presidential Drift ( woW )

    Too bad that video is from Forza or some similar car racing video game.
  6. A buddy of mine has a family camp in Northeast Maine with a tree farm on it....and he has a serious porcupine problem. Every year he goes up and kills 30-40 of them and he still has issues with porkys eating his trees. So he bought a .22 Hornet in hopes of having a little more horsepower over his .22LR. He worked a deal for an older Savage 342 with a 3-9x Tasco scope. It's a nice little rifle - we took it apart, cleaned the bore thoroughly, snugged up all the screws, and gave it a basic freshening up. We took it out to the range a couple weeks ago with factory PPU ammo while we waited for his new dies and case-trimming kit to arrive in the mail. It was kind of diasppointing, I'm not going to lie...3"-4" groups at 100 yards were the norm, with either of us behind the trigger. Well, he got his dies in the mail and dropped them off, and I worked up three different starting point handloads with IMR-4227, IMR-4198, and Lil' Gun powders, under a Hornady 45-grain soft point varmint bullet. It a was pretty amazing difference, as you can see in the pictures below. And the velocity! I was 1/2 grain below maximum, and the Lil' Gun powder cranked that tiny 45-grain pill out at just shy of 2800 fps! The IMR-4198 load burned too slow and only pushed about 2100fps and didn't group as well, but it was very quiet. Below is a picture of a 25-yard 5-shot group with the Lil' Gun load. At 100 yards, my buddy put 5 shots into a nice round 1 1/4" group. Pretty darned good starting point, I'll say. I'll load him up more trial loads in 2/10 grain increments lower and higher, and we'll get this lil' Hornet dialed right in. God, I love reloading.
  7. Drew_Forge

    Handloading success with the .22 Hornet

    Snake, yep. I got it when I was in Texas. That's actually my buddy Carl, it's his rifle and his doofy hat. We have to wear stuff like that, you see, because of the low temps and all that white shit you see on the ground.
  8. Drew_Forge

    Handloading success with the .22 Hornet

    I'll be honest; I didn't have high hopes - I've never had good luck with the Savage 340 platform in the accuracy department. I was very impressed. I actually am thinking about getting a CZ527 in .22 Hornet now....if I can find one!
  9. Drew_Forge

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    They make .357 Magnum Desert Eagles.
  10. Drew_Forge

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    Maybe someday they'll make a P220 Legion in 10mm.... *swoon*
  11. Drew_Forge

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    Butler Ford - hah! I love the analogy!These says, I find thinking to be more like a down hill stroll the more coffee I have percolating in my system. Regarding the Sig P220SAO (Single Action Only) - yes, Sig Sauer makes single action only P220s and P226s, and they are delightful. I believe they started making them in the early-to-mid-2000's. I remember reading "Guns & Ammo" or some other similar magazine when the news came out, and the P220SAO instantly shot to the top of my "must have" list. I finally found a very early German frame gun last year, and I traded a stock full-sized P320 9mm and $300 cash for it. It shoots very well, but I'll be honest, I haven't had time to really wring out what load the gun likes best. I've had decent luck with 4.6 grains of Bullseye under a 200-grain Lyman cast SWC, but I've found Sigs REALLY like the H&G 68 bullet profile and I've run out of those. The stainless P220ST in the picture ate 'em all up! I either need to get a mould for the H&G 68 or buy some more; it's really a great .45ACP bullet. The next dream gun evolution in my P220 lusting is one in 10mm. Someday....
  12. Drew_Forge

    What's Your Take on Reloading?

    I live to be a range brass vulture. http://www.shtfblog.com/its-the-most-wonderful-time-of-the-year/
  13. I'm right here with you. I haven't counted my powder types, but I bet it's close to 20. I don't really stray too far from what works. I like IMR 4198 for its versatility in small cases like .222 and .223, and it works well in large straight-walled cartridges like .45-70. IMR-4064 for .30-'06, .308, .270. Bullseye for 9mm and .45, with a tip of the hat to 231 or Titegroup for the same. Unique for .38, .357, .44 Mag, .45 Colt.
  14. Drew_Forge

    Things never to be caught without

    I have a pretty substantial BOB/GHB in my truck, but if I'm heading out the door in the wife's Subaru with family in tow, I usually grab my Condor pistol bag that has (what I consider) the bare essentials: -Sig P320 Compact 9mm, with Streamlight TLR-1 and three spare mags - two with Sig Elite V-crown 124 grn JHP, and one with 115-grain Winchester ball ammo, kydex holster and mag pouch -two Bic lighters -Clip-on Suunto compass -small first-generation Leatherman -Streamlight Polytac flashlight and a couple spare CR123A batteries -pistol lanyard -two MRE entrees -zip-lock bag with toilet paper for use after the MREs -small tube of hand sanitizer -small tube of Advil, a couple band-aids and triple antibiotic -RATS Tourniquet -small folding HK knife I did a write-up a couple years ago on the bag; it's evolved a bit since then. http://www.shtfblog.com/build-a-grab-n-go-pistol-bag-for-less-than-500/ All our automobiles have either sleeping bags or wool disaster blankets and a few bottles of water in them. I also carry on my person at all times a Benchmade Mini-Griptilian folder, a Streamlight Microstream or Fenix LD02, and a Magpul Tejas gunbelt.
  15. Drew_Forge

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    I ran 1911s - specifically a Colt 1991 I'd hot rodded a bit with Wilson internals, a King's trigger, and Trijicon sights. I, too, prefer the arched mainspring housing, so I installed one of those with a lanyard staple, and a wide-spur GI hammer. It shot great; I came out first in my IDPA class first time I took it through a local match. But then I found Sig P220s and I never looked back. Oh, hey, look - that one on the top is cocked & locked.
  16. Drew_Forge

    Geiger Counter?

    Do any of you have any experience with Geiger counters? Can you make any recommendations or note things to look for when shopping for one? I know quite literally nothing about them - total radiation noob. Thanks!
  17. Another 18-24 inches of snow forecasted today for my neck of the woods. I soldiered in the 15 miles to work in my trusty 4WD Tacoma, but MAN do other people suck driving in the snow. Makes me wonder how many of them are actually prepared in case they end up heading for the tooleys! No actual info here, just a rant. Cabin fever and winter to fatigue is starting to set in. That is all.
  18. Drew_Forge

    Pretty over this snow.

    Snake, how do those hogs taste? Always wanted to try hunting them. I know that hogs are spreading quickly; I imagine they will be in Maine within a decade.
  19. Drew_Forge

    Pretty over this snow.

    14" of snow according to my yardstick as of 8:30 pm EST...
  20. Drew_Forge

    Pistol Caliber Carbines

    Do any of you run pistol caliber carbines to supplement your handguns? I was just loaned this 1911 carbine conversion kit to try out. I'm in the middle of performing pistol vs. rifle chronograph testing for seven different calibers: .22LR, .22 Magnum, .357 Magnum, .41 Magnum, .44 Magnum, 9mm, .45ACP. Lots of fun, lots of data, lots of numbers to crunch. Keep an eye out for an article on Survival Cache early this spring. MIght make you rethink the efficacy of the pistol caliber carbine, just sayin'....
  21. Actually, I was liking the joke, not the Patel comment, though I suppose that's applicable too!
  22. Drew_Forge

    Knife build --why not

    Building a knife has always been on my to-do list...keep us updated!
  23. Drew_Forge

    Virteq pop-up

    Hey all, It has been brought to my attention that using certain web browsers, you may see a popup from Virteq.com asking you to log in. Until we can disable it, simply cancel or "x" the pop-up out. Virteq designed the skin on this forum, and likely they have changed/adjusted code and this pop-up is a result. I'm doing research to figure out how to eradicate the pop-up. For now, cancel or view through Google Chrome - it doesn't seem to have the issue. -Drew
  24. Drew_Forge

    If you can't win, complain!

    P210SIG, Last time I went there (been twice) I carried a 6" 629 and it was a beast to lug. This would purely be anti-bear artillery for fishing on the banks of the Kenai or Russian rivers. I have a friend who's lived there for years and knows how to get to the spots that aren't combat fishing tourist traps. However, less people = more bears. So I want to have a gun with a big-ass hole in the end of it, especially since my 3-year-old son would likely come along. I figure a 6" or 6 1/2" barrel would be that much harder to jam in a big coastal brown bear's mouth.