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    My ultimate outdoors sidearm!

    Well, I finally got one - I've been searching for one of these for pretty much my entire adult life (though my wife would argue I have yet to grow up.) This is a .22 LR 4" barreled S&W Model 18 from the late '60s. I've had a 6" barreled S&W K-22 since I was 21, but the 6" barrel has always been better suited to target use over field use. I've been trying lots of different guns for field sidearms - Ruger MKI / MKII, Browning Buck Mark, the aforementioned K-22 - but I always just came back to the conclusion that I really just wanted a 4" .22 Smith & Wesson revolver. Now I've got one - and I don't think I'll ever step foot in the woods again without it on my side.
  2. Drew_Forge

    Paracord Survival Bracelets

    NIce, I'll check these out!
  3. Do any of you wear paracord survival bracelets when you can't have a full out survival kit with you? I own several - notably from Superesse Straps and RE Factor - that have a shit-ton of survival gear in them and are pretty well thought out. Anyone tried making their own? The Cobra Weave is pretty easy.
  4. Drew_Forge

    Blowgun fishing

  5. Drew_Forge


    Great thread. My son is attending a higher-end university in VT. His tuition is over $60k a year - can you imagine getting out of school with almost a quarter million dollars' debt and just starting at the bottom of the barrel? I started working construction when I was 20, learned an incredible amount, worked my ass off, and now I have a comfortable job with zero college debt.
  6. Drew_Forge

    What Would You Do?

    Yep, lay low, gather intel, keep your signature as small as possible, to the leaving and the dead. Keep an eye out for masses of people - hopefully there's a network of some kind to give you a heads up a few hours before they descend on you, so you can get a start on a secondary BOL. Run, don't stand and fight.
  7. For the few people who still visit - I got a new job that will require my travelling all over New England (sadly, even into Massachusetts). I have been provided a nice Subaru Outback as a company car. However, since I am using a company car, and will often carry potential customers to jobsites and will need to carry samples, having a full-sized bug-out-bag like I have in my personal daily driver just won't fly. Therefore, I'll need to set up a minimalist kit to keep with me. I don't want to attract attention or have people break into my car to get this bag; any suggestions on a good durable bag (doesn't have to be a backpack) that won't raise eyebrows? Wanted to ask youse guys on here first before I shopped around. Opinions? Thanks!
  8. Drew_Forge

    Support Tommy Robinson by watching his chanel

    I'm going to give our "guest" the benefit of the doubt and interpret this as him trying to show us an alternate point of view - but he should have discussed, not reported. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and own ways of doing things here - it is a prepper's form, after all, and we all do things as we see fit based on our interpretations of our own situations. HOWEVER - please debate or discuss items you disagree with in a civil manner - if you report and run, your argument really doesn't stand much of a chance of being taken seriously.
  9. So, quick poll of the few of you who frequent this forum - do you listen to podcasts? Doc Montana and I have just recorded 5 episodes for our new Survival Cache Podcast, and we'll be rolling it out shortly. Is this something any of you would be interested in?
  10. Drew_Forge

    Survival Cache Podcast

    Here you go Wally. 10 episodes so far, we average one or so every week. Let me know what you think! https://survivalcache.podbean.com
  11. Drew_Forge

    Go figure the Dead Kenndys]s got it right

    Hah! Not "Holiday in Cambodia"?
  12. This hasn't been OFFICIALLY rolled out yet via a post on Survival Cache, but I figured you lucky few who post regularly on here can be the first outside of the SC team to hear the Survival Cache Podcast that Doc Montana and I have been working on. I would expect a formal rollout here in the next week or so. Give it a listen, let me know what you think! The Bugout Bag podcasts are our first ones so they're a little shaky; we were still finding our groove. Criticism welcome! https://survivalcache.podbean.com/ https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/survival-cache-podcast/id1450318606 -Drew
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    Official Gun Porn Thread

    I go on other forums occasionally, and I always love it when they have the "Gun Porn" threads... so whenever you see something sexy, post it up! It doesn't have to be survival related, just awesome. Starting things off with the Remington 725 in .270 Winchester I just picked up last night. MAN, was she crusty! Dust, debris, surface rust, and a bore that was pretty, well, gross. I spent two hours disassembling and cleaning the old girl...cleaned up pretty nice!
  14. Drew_Forge

    Caliber pairing for survival

    One of my all-around favorite pairs of guns is my Marlin 1894CL in .357, and my 4" S& W Model 66 in .357. Great combo that you can take anything short of moose or really big bears with here in Maine. The Marlin has a Lyman 66 receiver sight and is otherwise stock - but will easily keep all its rounds on a paper plate offhand at 75 yards, maybe even 100 on a good day. I also have an early pre-crossbolt Winchester 1894 Trapper in .44 Magnum to pair with a 4" Mag-Na-Ported S&W Model 629 - but really, with full-tilt handloads, both of these guns really with just beat the snot out of you so they don't get shot much. But really, either one of these rifles would be stellar self-defense rigs - they hold 10 rounds each and a good levergun guy can run one FAST.
  15. Drew_Forge

    Official Gun Porn Thread

    You guys have let me down on this gun porn thread! To get this ball back in play, I submit my 1969-mfg 4" S&W Model 18. This is my favorite outdoors sidearm, hands down. Just got done writing an article on tuning up S&W revolvers, and this was the subject revolver. A previous owner had clipped the trigger rebound spring and polished the sears so badly that I could push the hammer off of full-cock with just my thumb. In the end, I installed a new Wilson Combat mainspring and 14# trigger rebound spring, and had to replace the hammer and trigger with the pieces off my never-used K-22 Outdoorsman from the same era. Replacement parts are on order from Numrich.
  16. Drew_Forge

    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    Starting a fire in the rain without good dry tinder is crazy difficult even WITH a lighter! I always use a Firesteel when starting fires these days just to keep my chops up. And if I'm in the woods and I see a paper birch tree, Jackpot! I always take some bark and stuff it in my jacket pocket or in my pack - just in case. Tinder Tabs and vaseline soaked cotton balls are godsends if you have the presence of mind to bring them along.
  17. Drew_Forge

    What have you done today to better your Prep? III

    P210SIG, I remember years ago when New England suffered from 10+ days without power due to a major ice storm, my family and I would have to take our "baths" with a sponge from a 3-gallon kettle with heated water. It wasn't extravagant, and you did have to be careful on the amount of water you used to bathe because you had to rinse off too! That's one of those things you really need to try for yourself - hopefully before adverse conditions hit - so you can plan for the proper amount of water for bathing and hydration.
  18. Drew_Forge

    Survival Cache Podcast

    We'll likely eventually have a dedicated website.
  19. Drew_Forge


    Right back atcha buddy!
  20. Drew_Forge

    Teaching 'em young

    Took my 5-year-old out in the woods today and we had a great time building a little lean-to shelter! He collected most of the evergreen boughs himself and had a blast putting them on the branch framework. Now he keeps bugging me to go out and go camping in it!
  21. Drew_Forge

    Making a Survival candle that is really useful

    Wally, as far as illuminuation goes, give me a good flashlight or solar powered lantern like a Hybridlight PUC ANYDAY over candles. However, if you're relying on the light as a small source of heat, you'll do far better with the candle. You could probably heat the inside of a pickup truck cab with a big multi-wick candle enough to keep you from freezing to death . Just gotta crack a window for carbon monoxide evacuation.
  22. Drew_Forge

    1st knife

    I wouldn't give anyone under 16 a real high-quality knife - it's likely to be lost or inappropriately used and broken. I didn't have REALLY nice pocketknives until my 30s, to tell you the truth. My Dad gave my brother and I some Buck lock-blade folders, and they worked great or what we needed them to do (namely, whittle sticks and chop up weird bugs). He also gave us Barlow knives, but the lock of lock left me with some nice scars on my fingers.
  23. Drew_Forge


    I was admittedly happy to hear this too. Due Process cannot be circumvented, especially for political profit on either side of the aisle.
  24. Drew_Forge

    Happy Labor day !

    I may have had too much homemade pizza and a couple too many PBRs....
  25. Drew_Forge

    Incognito Survival Bag suggestions?

    Wally, it has look look somewhat "professional" since it's a company car. Maybe a soft briefcase?