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  1. Welcome aboard!
  2. I like the looks of that MTM Dry Box, and that they come in different sizes. I'm gonna order one up next payday! Thanks Snake.
  3. Not THAT KIND of vice? You are just no fun, man. No fun.
  4. I bet your local army surplus store can hook you up with a good high-quality bag. I had a Marine issue surplus Arc'tyryx (sp?) bag that was tough as nails, bought it for cheap.
  5. Some other treasures from the Elmer Kieth Collection. The finish-worn 4" N-frame with the ivory grips was Elmer's personal carry piece that he usually wore. The double rifle is the famous .450-400 W.J. Jeffrey & Co. boxlock that Col. Jim Corbett used to great effect hunting man-eating tigers in India. A snippet from the auction house about the rifle: http://jamesdjulia.com/item/1038-373/ https://frontierpartisans.com/3666/jim-corbetts-rifle/ There were also many Rigby bolt guns, and Elmer's famous original .333 OKH. One particular .404 Rigby bolt gun had be almost in tears, it was so finely made. I would have bought it on the spot, but nobody in the area needed a kidney. Some very cool stuff, and I was blessed to be able to head up there and don the white gloves to handle a lot of staggeringly beautiful history.
  6. Snake, You like ol' Elmer, eh? Well, I grew up reading him as well, and so when I found out that his firearms estate was being auctioned off at Julia Auctions in Fairfield, ME, I made the two and a half hour trek north to check it out. It was the most unreal experience of my life as a fellow who appreciates artistry in firearms and history - some of the most influential guns in the world were there along with other really neat ephemera. Including....well, here's just a picture of me holding Elmer Kieth's beloved "The Last Word - Old No. 5" revolver. The epitome of "gun porn". Thought you guys might like that.
  7. I'll have to check this out. Seems odd to dictate country of origin on the barcode.
  8. For this rainy afternoon's revolver-induced drooling, I submit this 1979-manufactured 4" S&W Model 25-5 in .45 Colt. Super sweet shooter with the slickest action of any of my Smiths.
  9. Did someone say a 5" Model 27? I don't have one of those, but I DO have a 1953-manufactured 5" PRE-27 with Rosewood "Coke Bottle" grips. Probably my favorite N frame ever. How bow dah?
  10. Yeah, I love T-grips! They're on almost all my Smiths. I actually don't mind the Mag-Na-Porting on that .44 Magnum. It does help with muzzle flip. Though it's definitely louder!
  11. Oh, you want to do Smith & Wesson revolvers? Game on! I see your two K-frames, and raise you three of my N-frames: a Mag-Na-Ported 4" 629, a 4-screw 3 1/2" Model 27, and a 4" Model of 1989 .45ACP - my steel plate gun.
  12. Too bad that video is from Forza or some similar car racing video game.
  13. Have any of you ever played around with a .22LR Conversion kit for an AR? I have a CMMG kit coming for a review, didn't know if anyone has tried them out. I'm pretty curious to see how rate of twist effects accuracy. I know that "onetime" guy had a wicked hard-on for these; where is he now to chime in?
  14. Snake, yep. I got it when I was in Texas. That's actually my buddy Carl, it's his rifle and his doofy hat. We have to wear stuff like that, you see, because of the low temps and all that white shit you see on the ground.
  15. I'll be honest; I didn't have high hopes - I've never had good luck with the Savage 340 platform in the accuracy department. I was very impressed. I actually am thinking about getting a CZ527 in .22 Hornet now....if I can find one!