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  1. Thank you, sir! Hope Snake is well - not like him to stay quiet for so long!
  2. Nope, no issues here. I think there are security updates that should happen on this forum, I'll check it out.
  3. I'm around, kid heading off to college and I'm starting a new job, plus renovating my house. Never enough time!
  4. Thanks Wally! The SurvivalCache spat must have been before my time. What was everyone's beef?
  5. Pardon my ignorance, but what's the backstory with Dan's Depot?
  6. Yep, Mossberg gave the finger to Dick's too.
  7. SIG Sauer - Just sent my P320 in for the drop-fire recall and my P220 in for a SSP tune-up with new night sights. The extractor needed to be replaced badly. I got the P220 back in like 2 weeks with just the extractor replaced. I contacted SIG and asked why they didn't replace the springs and the night sights. They apologized profusely for the goof, comped me for the freight on the initial order, then sent me a shipping label to send the pistol back to them free of charge, and they gave me the option of upgrading the sights to the new XRay 3 sights or a couple extra mags for my trouble. I took the sights and they're awesome. I got my P320 back in about three weeks with no issues. My old man had a Gen 2 Glock 22 go a kablooie on him. He sent the pistol back to Glock, they fixed it free of charge and sent it back with like six extra magazines in four weeks, if I recall. In my opinion, if the manufacturer really cares about you and their product, they should have a repair done in a month, two tops.
  8. Depends on what you're looking for. We need to narrow some things down first before we start throwing out opinions on "tactical" gear! ...and believe me, lots of opinions on here!
  9. I've had excellent luck with Streamlight flashlights - I was whitetail hunting in West Virginia, and dropped my old Streamlight Scion rechargeable in the woods. Didn't realize it until I got back home to Maine. It was a nasty winter that year, I figured it was a goner. The following year, I was keeping an eye open for the light, just in case. Lo and behold, i saw its shiny black anodized case sticking out from under some oak leaves. Score! Threw it back on the charger, and it's still working fine to this day - 10 years later. I've left Streamlight Polytac lights and Microstreams outdoors, given hem to my teenager to use (and consequently abuse) - they never stop working. I've had superb luck with Fenix lights these days, and it's what I mostly use. I have a PD35 TAC on the bedstand, and a TK20R in the bug out bag - it can be recharged via USB port, which is awesome when combined with a portable solar charger. The fact that it's watertight and so heavily built you could bludgeon an elk to death with it doesn't hurt either.
  10. So I just was handed down a BUNCH of 125-grain JHP and 158-grain LSWC bullets for the .357 Magnum. What are you guys running for loads? So far I've loaded 8.0, 8.5, 9.0, and 9.5 grains of Unique under the 125 JHP pills - gonna try them out of my revolvers and a Marlin 1894 carbine. Jacketed bullets are easy, but non-gas-checked lead bullets out (of a carbine especially) are a bit more difficult to run hot. Powders I have are: Unique, Bullseye, TiteGroup, and HP-38. Aaaaaaand Go!
  11. It's sad, but every time I head into my local Cabela's, the used gun rack has 5 or 6 Hi-Powers, and they're bringing stupid money. My brother has three of them, and so I get to shoot them regularly. They're wonderful, elegant guns - but in an age when you can get two or three Glock 19s or SIG P320s (which, on a base level, are arguable better fighting pistols) for the same price as a Hi-Power, I can see why Browning threw in the towel.
  12. Odd - P320s, especially the compacts, are difficult to find here in my neck 'o' the woods. Just got mine back from the "voluntary upgrade" program last week. I brought it to the sandpit over the weekend and ran about 400 handloads and a couple mags' worth of my defense ammo - SIG V-Crown Elite 124 JHP - through it, and it ran like greased lightning. Trigger press is still amazing, and the pistol shoots better than I can. Maligned and practically given away in Canada or not, my P320 experience has been stellar.
  13. Concur. Dude needs to buy a chronograph and learn how to reload. Getting a .44 Magnum to 1000-1100fps with a 240-300 grain bullet should be a piece of cake. I doubt that even in the US, many manufacturers jump up and make supressor-ready ammo for the .44 Magnum; its normal use is out of a revolver, and well, suppressing a revolver is like suppressing Rosie O'Donnell's mouth - pretty much impossible to do.
  14. Welcome aboard! In the pages of Survival Cache and SHTFblog, I believe you'll find some good articles about organization to maximize your storage while prepping.
  15. I've had the opportunity to shoot most polymer pistols out there, and I went out of my way to find a P320. It's my primary EDC gun, and they are phenomenal. Even my diehard Glock buddies who try my P320C are very impressed. I think it's a great choice for the military, though there were other great options in the XM17 trials. I've never had a single jam, FTE, stovepipe, or double-feed in my P320, in probably 3-4000 rounds - most of which were handloads with cast lead bullets. its accuracy is as good or better than any other striker-fired pistol I've tried, HK and Walther included. I just sent my P320 back to SIG this week for the "voluntary upgrade". I'll do a full write-up on the changes and improvements (if any) that result. In the meantime, I just wanted to come in and defend the P320's honor.