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    new BOB ideas

    I thought about a carrying cart of sorts but I always thought what if you need to cross some serious terain. Can you lug that wagon. I wonder if one could make a foldable wagon or cart. Light weight. What if your carrying and its slow going could you protect all of your stuff.
  2. Its me again. I wanted to add a few things. The carrying case for your items is not counted part of the ten items. These items are your personal( on person kit) so you do not have to add food or water to your kits. As these things wil be part of your bug out bags. If you have an opinion about that I want to hear from you. this is about useful tools. 1) knife 2) rope 3) metal cup/bottle 4)fire starter kit(like matches, lighters,flint) 5)flashlight 6) Duct Tape 7) tarp 8) fishing kit/line,sinkers,hooks 9)compass 10) Med kit
  3. Happy NewYear everyone. Id like to talk about personal survival kits. I would like to get everyone's opinion on what they think would be the 10 best items to go in a personal kit( on your person, not a bug out bag. like a knife, cordage, some kind of utility tool, flashlight etc... make your personal list and tell us why your chose it.
  4. I think people may enjoy a test of their abilities. take a 1, 2 or 7 day outting depending on how much time you can devote on this task. do it as a group how ever small. Learn first aid, build a fire, Do things using common sense of course. Sit around the camp fire talking about what to do wtshtf. Of course right now its winter and Im in Minnesota. I need to go through my bugout bag again to reorganize. I know there a lot of food prep out there online but Im more interested in making meals from scratch.
  5. I have read many articles on survival prep. Enough to get ready for anything or close enough. So many choices it can be a daunting task. Preparing for a disaster is certainly different from living in one. Having all the things for survival and not knowing how or when to use them can be problem. How often do you practice survival? When my kids were little I first introduced power outage night. Without warning I went to the breaker box and turn off the power for 15 mins. yes they were scared and we fumbled in the dark. When the lights came back on we had a talk about what just happened. I went to the store and the kids pick out their favorite flashlight and glow sticks. We pick out some games to play and some snacks to eat. The object here was to get the kids and adults use to something that doesnt happen everyday. After the 3rd power outage night the kids would know where the flashlights were. It also gave my wife and I ideas for other situations like dry runs to primary and secondary locations. Getting kids from school. What if you have elderly family members could they survive. So in closing I would like to say stocking up on food and water is great. Have a plan to protect your family. WTSHTF you will have the experience to carry out your plans. 1)personal kit on person. 2) a 2 bag bug out. 3) kit for your car.4).Opt. kit for your bike-trailer. One more thing to remember. When all of your supplies run out and your tools break real survival begins.