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    hey everyone, i've been an outdoorsman all of my life. i love the woods and the water; i recently decided to start prepping simply because the future of mankind looks a little dark right now.
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    kayaking, crossbows, blowguns
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    student, electrical engineering

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  1. dave fuches

    When they close the roads...

    when they close the roads i'll be taking to the water. water puts distance between the chaos/mayhem and allows me to bypass traffic jams/roadblocks. every major city has at least one river or lake nearby and in my humble opinion the water/boats are often overlooked as bug out vehicles. i'd rather have a truck yes, but if that's not an option i'm taking to the rivers. my girlfriend and i have three kayaks, we can haul 700lbs of gear (plus ourselves) and we can easily pull 5mph all day (or night) without a drop of gas or a whisper of sound.
  2. dave fuches

    your stashed cache.

    no better than military surplus ammo cans though...either one will likely still be intact long after we are all dead and buried.
  3. dave fuches

    your stashed cache.

    pvc is never disappointing...that shit lasts forever
  4. dave fuches

    your stashed cache.

    my favorites are pvc pipe and surplus ammo cans. in case you all are interested, here's a link to a step by step of how i built one of my caches http://www.howtoburyyourstuff.com/my-personal-cache/
  5. i'd like to know everyone's opinion of this article. is this something that might catch on? http://politicalvelcraft.org/2011/11/14/u-s-sheriffs-rise-up-against-federal-government-sheriff-threatens-feds-with-swat-team/
  6. dave fuches

    How horrific would it be for non-prepper?

    quite a read...excellent post!! i've suspected some of these facts for some time but also chose to be a part of the silent majority. and when the us government considers it's own people a greater threat than enemy combatants the future is bleak indeed.
  7. dave fuches

    don't forget the water

    hey everyone i'm dave and i'm kind of new here. i'm a kayaker (my gf and i have 3) and i'm curious if anyone else out there is living in or near cities with waterways. being on the water can put some distance between you and potential chaos/mayhem and can give you the ability to bypass traffic jams/roadblocks. they're not as fast as a car, but in certain situations could provide a strong backup getaway. in my humble opinion, boats are often overlooked as escape or bug out vehicles. in our 3 kayaks, we can haul about 700lbs (plus ourselves) and make an easy 5mph all day (or night) without a drop of gas or any sound whatsoever.
  8. dave fuches

    Baofeng programming

    i'm wanting to get started in ham radios and i've been looking at these handheld baofeng ham's on amazon because they are affordable. are you saying you have to download and install software to operate the radio?
  9. dave fuches

    Homemade MACE

    i've always wanted to build my own mace...the movie "braveheart" sold me on the idea. i did not know that it was designed as a slashing weapon...scary just thinking about. btw there's no such thing as too much knowledge