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  1. Rotating it really is not a problem at all. 300 litres = 12 jerry cans (25 liters each). I have an 82 litre tank on the Land Rover. So, if I run it just under half a tank and then take the two oldest Jerrys and fill the Landy with those, I then fill the two empty Jerrs and place them at the fresh fuel end of the Jerry can line-up it makes the oldest fuel no more than 6-7 weeks old. Simples
  2. Thanks Wally. I have got to say I am so impressed with the ability of this knife. Considering it's weight it chops sooooooo well. Everyone that has had hands on with both of these knives fall in love immediately with the Parry Hunter. But then one compaired with the Parry Blade soon realise just how they are horses for courses they are. You end up wanting one of each...but please don't tell SWMBO that I'm a knifeaholoic
  3. We went shopping for Survival knives and following the advice on Survival Cache we bought a Parry Blade. I hope you find the review helpful. Please feel free to comment and subscribe.
  4. We went shopping for survival knives and following the reviews found on Survival Cache we chose the: Parry Hunter: Hope you find the review helpful. Please feel free to comment and subscribe.
  5. I never let the tank on my Land Rover drop below 1/2, Our general everyday run around is the same. I keep 300 litres of diesel in gerry cans at home.
  6. If only they were in the UK! Unfortunately, I have to rely on their excellent shipping via UPS.
  7. Even though I live in the UK I get most of my camping kit from
  8. Ooops! I forgot to mention that I found this fantastic website following the screening of Armageddon Outfitters. Got to take my hat off to the guys in the programme and to everyone involved in this website and forum, members and staff alike, it takes all to make this best source of quality information on the web. Keep it going!!!!!
  9. Hi chaps and chapesses, Steve here from the UK. We are all very keen outdoors people, Canoeing, Camping very heavily in to Bushcraft, knives, guns, fishing and off road driving. We are all year round campers in our Cabelas Big Horn 2 with wood burning stove: