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    Born in Iowa, now semi retired (lawns/handyman) ex gymnast
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    Bird hunting, woodcarving, bird dogs (Brits), reloading
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    Ex gymnastics coach now handyman
  1. Brdhuntr

    Vehicle kit

    I keep a foot long chunk of 4x4 wood. If you get a flat on any kind of incline, yer gonna need something to chock your tires with. Not so much for front tire flats cuz the emergency brake or park will hold it, but you get the rear end up she's gonna roll. I made that mistake with a hi-lift jack that I hooked under the receiver hitch and both rear wheels were off the ground.
  2. I saw the recent post regarding the Baofeng UV-5R+ radio. Sooo went out & ordered one. Now that I have it I have no idea how to use it??????? I've seen several sites with supposed downloadable programs but they really don't go into detail. I've done the manual programming that came with the thing but now I turn the on/off button on and wait for something to happen, it occasionally lights up and I'll get some static but that's all. Any recommendations out there on what to do next???????????????
  3. Brdhuntr

    Well Pump

    I had a shallow well next to my house that I used to water my lawn, the pump quit working last summer and I've yet to replace it. I was thinking that if SHTF happens and we are without power, it would be nice to have an old time hand pump like we had on the farm to access the water. I've checked with Harbor Freight and other sites but nothing resembling the old manual pump that we had to prime has shown up. Any ideas on this?????