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    To sum it quick and easy... I'm a project manager in Southern Nevada that runs projects and teams within numerous industries (medical, entertainment, media, sports, arms (military & consumer), aviation, robotics, and various other random "stuff."

    In my personal time, I am into camping, outdoor sports (fishing & hunting), and for the last few years... survival preparation. It is something my wife and I enjoy doing together.
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    Bullets, Booze, Babes, & Body Slams
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    Project Manager / Division Supervisor
  1. hey everyone! Just trying to throw some info out there to my fellow Vegas and surrounding states interested in the Patriot Nurse medical prep 101 seminar, Oct 6, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Im hosting her and the seminar here and have a few openings available left. If interested, let me know
  2. Lion8974

    Introduction Thread

    Thank you Wally. Know that my preps were well influenced by survival cache and you peeps on this board. Also, my favorites up above are based on what i own. But if i could choose anything as a favorite, I'll take a "metal storm" to add to my arsenal (i can day dream).
  3. Lion8974

    Introduction Thread

    I've been following the Survival Cache site and watching random posts within the Forge Forum boards as it would pertain to things I might relate to, but felt it was time to join and ask questions related to my prepping and outdoor interest that I may have. 1. Please describe your Every Day Carry? I have a "messenger/first responders bag I carry with me everywhere due to the industry I am in. Within the contents I carry my multi-tool, knives (1x Folding & 1x Tak D2), Camelback, Side arm w/ 2x magazines & 50 rounds of HP .45acp ammo, belt & holster, 1x 120 lumen flashlight w/ backup batteries, small gun cleaning kit w/ small container of CLP, Shamagh, 50' paracord roll, and a small container of fire making options. 2. Favorite Bug Out Pistol? PX4 Storm .45 ACP However, I am upgrading to a Glock 21 & Kriss Vector to be my trunk vault items (both recently purchased and currently training with them) 3. Favorite Concealed Carry Pistol? PX4 Storm .45 ACP 4. Favorite Bug Out Rifle or Carbine? Bushmaster AR-15 Carbine 5. Favorite Rifle or Carbine? Bushmaster AR-15 Carbine & Kriss Vector 6. Favorite Shotgun? Mossberg 500 12 ga. with pistol grip w/ Tri-Rail 7. The amount of food you have at your house? 3-months worth for my wife and I. I am currently purchasing more WISE buckets as of recent shopping spree and learning how to do canning. 8. Name your top 7 items in your Bug Out Bag? 8-1. SAS Book & Compass 8-2. Medical Kit 8-3. LifeStraw 8-4. Clean Socks & Underwear 8-5. Food items (MRE & Mountain House pouches) 8-6. Jack Daniels 8-7. My EDC Bag 9. Describe your Bug Out Location, if you have one? Hills of Utah (Primary) Northern Nevada (Secondary 10. Describe your Bug Out Vehicle? Currently, my descrete Honda Element, but price shopping the following 4x4's as I have a mechanic & metal fabrication shop at my disposal to customize and make mechanically sound... 1970-80's Toyota Land Cruiser or 1960-1970's International 11. Describe your Bug Out Bag? fully packed Draco 5-day assault bag (Black) 12. Favorite home defense pistol? PX4 Storm .45 ACP and/or S&W Governor 13. Favorite home defense Rifle/Shotgun? 870 Remington 20ga pump shotgun (my wife feels very confident with it also) 14. Favorite Survival Book? "Liberty & Tyranny" and "Ameritopia" By Mark Levin "U.S. Marine Pocket Survival Guide" By US Marine "SAS Survival Handbook" By John Wiseman "Boyscout Book" By BSA (from my childhood 1978-80) 15. Favorite Survival Type Movie? The Road (2009) Alive (1993) 16. Survival Knife? TAK D2 RD Tanto (Ontario) 17. Survival Tools in Your Kit? I have my multi-tool, a "Dead-On" wrecking hammer, Duct Tape, campsite Hatchet, Paracord, small chainsaw, 10'x10'painters tarp (lightweight and can be used for shelter/poncho/ground cover), small selection of hand tools, 2x tubes E6000 adhesive.