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  1. I agree whole heartily, this is the best, most recent, article that I've found, http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/05/01/us-birdflu-threat-idUSBRE94011D20130501
  2. justareader

    books, books, manuals, books

    Thanks Capt I appreciate the welcome. Not to worry I'm here to stay and Snake can chew me out anytime he is being that concise. (I hate poorly worded criticism ) If he has facts I'll take'em any way I can get them out of him. I have a lifetime of experice at pulling the facts out of what peeps are saying, no matter the manner in which they say it. I also appreciate your pointing out that this is a family site. I will keep that in mind next time the situation presents it's self. Now I'm off to find the thread about other books. Thanks again for the welcome Capt Bart! Justareader
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    books, books, manuals, books

    Well thanks Snake that is the most informative a-- chewing I've had in years. I had no idea of some of what you listed off and I can say I'm glad to know it now. I love to belong to a place that will take that much time to make sure we are all on the same page. Now in my defense I was only referring to washing & sterilizing pots and pans and men's clothes. I have been concerned and very pro-active in getting the cleanest water possible. I had RO systems installed almost 20 years ago. I'm into back ups of back ups as far as water purification goes. Not to worry I promise they do not include 5 drops of chlorine. I'm being serious when I say thank you for your time. You could of just written me off instead of making sure I understood all dangers and angles. So, have you got anything to add to the food combining? justareader
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    books, books, manuals, books

    T2S You said anything, I'm new to SC, that is my excuse for not being more informed about the books that have so far been recommended.*That is also my caveat for repeating what you all may have already*known for years. Regardless I'd rather repeat than miss.....Here is one of my favs. The Backpackers Field Manual by Rick Curtis Although it was written from an environmental stand point and specifically for backpacking, *it has good lessons on how to not leave "any trace of your passing". *Which alone could be somewhat handy.* This book is not specific about your area nor is specific about plant life.*It was written for camping and then going back home.*But by reading through the lines of what doesn't apply, it will give you some wonderful info. * * * * * ** Here are two*instances..... 1) He discusses simple ways to remember the "combination of foods" that give you complete proteins: * * *How the Nutritional "N" * Works. * * * * * * * * * * * Don't * * * * get * * * * *love * * * * * * *sick. * * * *(easy to remember) * * * * * * * * * *(Dairy). * (Grains). * (legumes). (Seeds) Any of these that are next to each other if eaten in the same day(that's new info per CDC) gives you all of the necessary and/or complete proteins or in other words, the same proteins as meat for when it is not available. This is critical to developing minds, the elderly And the person who needs to be on their best game physically. * Did you know that peanuts and almonds are not nuts?*A peanut is a legume and an almond is a seed.* 2) He also mentions that heat (therefore hot water) deactivates the sterilization chemical in chlorine bleach. * * (Now this one was new to me)*I'd have thought by my advanced age I'd have come across that at some point in my life! I'm trying to digest the LDS this weekend, it is such an incredible resource* Thank you SC for making it available!