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    Baofeng programming

    I have one, and I love it. Try this website. ..just find your radio...note, most all UV5R's are the same internally, they just look different on the outside. Subtle differences, but they're there. BUY a usb programming cable, and download CHIRP. This program makes programing a Baofeng a snap. Also, look for a better antenna, ie; a longer one. MAKE SURE you get the right antenna connection, there are different types out there. The longer rubber duckie I bought had the right connector, but my vehicle magnetic mount antenna required an inexpensive adapter. Hope this helps you. Also, if you dont have it, get your HAM license. I have a tech license, and am studying for my general. Makes all the difference in the world, and it also makes you LEGAL!! Good luck.
  2. bigdadvrod

    Dual Band Radios

    I have one, a UV-5RAX, and it's a good little radio. Granted, you're not gonna reach out a long way with one, unless you can hit a repeater, but all in all, for the money, a heck of a good radio. If you do get one, there's a website by miklor, that explains the programming and operation of this radio, since it's all menu driven. I also suggest you get a USB cable and download CHIRP, it makes programming these radios a snap. Cant beat Amazon's prices, fwiw.
  3. bigdadvrod

    Dual Band Radios

    They dont receive AM, only FM.
  4. bigdadvrod

    22 handgun & 22 rifle

    Go with the Rugers. I have 2 10/22's tacc'ed out....and Im buying my wife an SR22. Watch the 22 mag auto pistols. They can be troublesome. And the Keltec...they're awful proud of it.