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    If you were starting over what would your survival guns be?

    Springfield Competition in .40 and .45 Marlin md 60 .22 lr Sig .223 Scar 17 12 Gauge Barret .338/.50 with the equiv optics for each
  2. Phillyprepper79

    best friend for survival?

    I store mine now in a plastic kitchen garbage can.
  3. Phillyprepper79

    A Brick of 22lr ammo. What does it cost these days.

    a brick of 500 is between $50-60 around here if you can get it, Cabelas had it for $32 but it's gone now
  4. I'm fairly new to prepping, but the hardest thing for me so far is convincing my family to prep too, my parents have some supplies stocked but my sisters and their families do not, they look at me like I'm off my rocker every time I try to bring it up, any ideas on how I can convince them to start prepping so I don't have to supply everything when TSHF? At least food and water, and unfortunately I feel as if we will need my sisters house as our bugout location, she is farthest from city and has largest house and property. Between the men we have enough weapons and ammo and I have enough food and water for 6-8 months on own but together we number 12 thats a lotta mouths to feed.
  5. Phillyprepper79

    How to convince your loved ones to start prepping

    Thanks Lemon that's a great link I sent it to my sisters, my parents don't have the net so I'll show them next time I see them, it's more my sisters anyway my parents are borderline preppers, on a positive note one ofnmy sisters ( the only one in family without a firearm ) asked my to take her to get a handgun and train her to use it.
  6. Phillyprepper79

    Water storage

    I have a katadyn water filter but I'm in Center City Philly only river close to me is Del or Schu and neither is in the direction I need to be headed, but as I prepare more nd more i realize I may have to bug in unless I can get out before TSHF, I have to travel thru North Philly to get to my parents and sisters but its like a cattle shoot thru some of the worst neighborhoods in the country, idk what to do so I just have to take each situation as it comes
  7. Phillyprepper79

    best friend for survival?

    I was wondering if dog food goes bad, I would like to have a few bags stored but I thought it may get stale or go bad
  8. Phillyprepper79

    best friend for survival?

    I have a Cane Corso, I bought an extra 50lb bag of her food and I rotate now every time I go to pet store, so I always have two 50lb bags one of wich is always full, she is a quiet dog but I wouldnt want to see how she reacted if she sensed I was in danger
  9. Phillyprepper79

    Water storage

    so true, that's my main purpose for being on this site, to try to be prepared for any and all situations
  10. Phillyprepper79

    Water storage

    I just got 4 water bricks today, should I fill them now or wait until I think a threat is near? I have prbly 3 months water stored besides these, also would like to get a tub bladder, reason I'm thinking of not filling them is I could store anything in them so I'm thinking of filling one or two with rice and or beans, half and half maybe? But as I accumulate more supply's I question how I'll be able to evac all my preps if I have to GOOD. So being able to combine water stores with food stores appeals to me, as I use my water supply and food supply I will free up space to replenish at first available moment
  11. Phillyprepper79

    How to convince your loved ones to start prepping

    Thx for the input, Capt I read your article and will try to use some of those points when I see my family today.
  12. Well in Philly we have over 1.5 million, and I live smack dad in the middle lol, my main prep are my ears, as in keeping them open all the time, my family and friends are on the outskirts of city, so I'll be planing on heading there at the first whispers of danger
  13. Phillyprepper79

    Hello all

    Hello all, I'm a single 33 yr old male, I live in Philadelphia proper ( the center city area ) I am new to "prepping" but it's how I've basically been raised, my parents always had large stocks of food growing up they shopped and grew in bulk, my father was USMC ret and then a Lt Fire Dept, I've been shooting since I was a kid, I ve spent time in the back country and a ton of time outdoors, I'm here to meet new people and learn what I can while also contributing what I can. Thanks in advance for helping me prepare for what is coming.