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    Just your average suburban office worker, trying to chase the "American Dream", paying off debt one card at a time, and preparing for what ever may come my way.
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  1. Alethia

    Planning the GHB

    Since we have explosives permits, for all the fireworks we use, they are allowed under Florida Law to not allow us to have firearms in our cars. So that is a no go
  2. Alethia

    What bag is in your bag?

    I have gotten ahold of 2 Army sleep systems, should work nice.
  3. Alethia

    Planning the GHB

    Thanks for all the great feedback! The bottle has been changed for a Kleen Kanteen, and a life straw has been added. Ball cap is in the clothes bag now, and the pry bar is a small one that likely wouldn't catch attention and may swap it out for fencing pliers.
  4. Alethia

    Planning the GHB

    I have been planning my GHB. This is the bag my wife is most concerned about. We work only about 2 miles apart from each other, and we are about 17 miles from home. There are 3 major routes we can walk to get home, the most direct route takes us right through Walt Disney World, the western route is mostly rural/ag, about 25 miles first 5 miles is touristville USA. The east route is more suburban with the first 10 miles being resort/commercial heavy and about 21 miles total. Depending on the situation we have options to get home, both of us do half marathons and full marathons, so distance is not a huge issue. I wish I could convince my building supe, that my bike is ok cubical furniture. I would love to hear your feedback on what I might be overlooking in our GHBs. Mine will be in a Maxpediton Versipack and my wife's will be in a generic backpack. [*] Midland GXT1000VP4 – stored in a foam bag/inside ziplock mylar bag [*] SOL Hybrid 3 ( [*] Swedish Fireknife (Mora with Firesteel) ( [*] Mini MagLight LED [*] PryBar [*] Hand Warmers [*] Poncho [*] Storacell Battery Caddy with 8AA, 4AAA and 1 – 9v w/ Pak-light [*] Google Walking Map Laminated [*] Stainless steel sharpie [*] Wet-wipes [*] Bottle of DEET [*] Emergency iPhone charger [*] 4x Cliff Bar [*] 2x Cliff Shot [*] Bandana [*] 2x pairs running socks [*] Cargo shorts [*] Long sleeve running shirt [*] Trail Running shoes [*] 32oz Naglene Bottle [/List]
  5. Reorganized the pantry, and bought 20 more cans of veggies and beans in less then 6 weeks we now have 100+ cans stockpiled. Thinking about getting a foodsaver. I also want to learn canning, anyone know of any places in Florida that teach this skill? Plus read a few chapters in the SAS survival book.
  6. I trying to find a good sleeping bag for my BoB. I would be happy with a fleece bag liner, but the wife wants a mummy bag. 1st priority is compact able to fit in our BoB's. second priority is a good camping bag to go out and practice survival. I looked at the SOL Bivys but not sure how functional they are for camping. What do you use? And any recommendations? Trying to stay under $75 for a reasonably compact bag for 32* we don't get much colder here in Central Florida.
  7. Gave my wife some new items for her BoB. A pump bottle of 97% DEET, a small bottle of 30spf sunscreen, carpenter pencils, small packets of Clorox wipes- wetones - charmin wipes, travel tooth brush, bic lighters and what made her the happiest Instant Starbucks. Yes I had fun shopping at Target today.
  8. Alethia

    Newbie Blade Questions

    Thanks for the feedback, I know it would not be a main carry, but I think it might be a nice thing to have for utility.
  9. Since I have just started putting preps together, I have been planning my BoBs, and of course knives have been an essential part of my plan. I was looking at having a Benchmade Presidio Combo Edge as my EDC, having a Ontario Air Force Knife, a 8” Kukri and a Geber Gator Machete. I would love the perry blade or similar Damascus steel blade, but I need to be selective with funds. My wife asked:confused:, why not have the folding utility knives with the easily replaceable blades like Since you can get a normal blade, a hook blade for gutting and cleaning game, we even have a saw blade for it. I can't blame her for asking the question, in fact it is pretty smart and I didn't have a good response in favor or against. What are the drawbacks for having this as a small knife in the preps?
  10. Opened my new Leatherman Mut, stripped it and FrogLubed it, and sharpened it, to remove the tool marks on the blade.
  11. Alethia

    My long winded introduction...

    Thanks Captain Bart! I will add Peanut Butter to the list. Thanks for the Welcome Wally!
  12. Allow me to introduce myself. I am a 30-something average American living/working in Fantasyland USA, helping people come to Fantasyland and spend their hard earned money for some family memories. For the first 6 years of marriage, my wife and I tried living the American Dream, keeping up with the Joneses and to many around us we are the Joneses. Yet something didn’t feel right, we like the country were gaining a mountain of debt and our assets were dwindling. Our idea of a survival plan, was none. We didn’t need to be prepared for a hurricane, as long as we had rum we were Prepared/ready. About a year ago I saw the show Doomsday Preppers, at first I thought these people were kooks, and my wife thought I was even kookier for watching the show. Just like a train wreck you keep watching, and after a few episodes these kooks were making some sense. So I start having conversations with my wife about the “what-ifs,” and every conversation came to the point that we would retreat to the farm. (For some background the Farm is a tract of land near the TN/Kentucky boarder that her parents live at.) That was the end of the conversation, after some thinking how were we going to make it to the Farm, let’s see traversing 800+ miles of interstate through 4 states and 2 major metropolitan areas and 2 tanks of gas. Suddenly in case of a true emergency the farm was looking further and further away from a viable option in a SHTF event. So we started talking about a what if for home, we are still in the very beginning stages of the preparing for whatever may come. I’m not paranoid that a zombie apocalypse may take over, but the threat of Hurricanes is real, and the economy is very real. So we have started a small raised garden to flex our gardening thumbs, the basics like Tomatoes, cucumbers, Peppers and herbs. Would love to do more, but we live with a nice HOA that likes to govern EVERY thing we do in and around our house. For food storage, we have started to buy an extra can or two of vegetables every time we go to the grocery store. These stocks are building steadily, need to start looking at getting cansolidators. We like a lot of Americans have bought our first firearms since December. We have both gotten a few well researched pieces but most importantly going to the range 2-3 time a month and getting training for them. We are proficient in each other’s weapons, and have 4 very common calibers between the pieces. We haven’t started doing drills in the house yet, but we have at least planned out the logistics and code words for someone unwelcomed in the house. So we have been slowly putting together the Bug-in plan. Now for the inevitable Bug-Out plan. As a kid, I was never in scouts, never a camper, my parents idea of camping was at the Ritz where you could see the mountains. I luckily have a mind that is always planning and figuring things out. I do have the ability to MacGyver many things, heck I rebuilt my 1970 beetle from the ground up without ever using a manual, before I had my license. I know I need to learn basic survival techniques, watching YouTube is not learning, it is understanding a concept but not learning. I am looking at taking a survival course, anyone have experience with any in Florida? I was looking at a 2-3 day with Byron Kerns in the Ocala National Forest. As far as Bug-out bags I have been researching 150 hours plus on them. I have seen every prebuilt kit imaginable, most laughable, from either what is included or the ridiculous price expected to buy them. I have built many an Amazon shopping carts (did you know you can only have 55 items in the cart), and ended up getting 2 prebuilt packs as a starting point to my wife and I’s BOBs. We went with modified bags from Uncle Bobs Bug Out Bags, and lots of items to add in the next few months. My bag is currently about 10% of my body weight before water, and I expect with water and the rest of my items for it to be about 22%-25%. I will do a BoB dissection in the next month or two for the forum once I have most my items together. I constantly have to remind myself that Prepping is not a sprint but an ultra-marathon. I welcome any opinions or pointers, and will take all in to consideration, just may not follow it all. I do thank you in advance for welcoming me and accepting me in the forum, this place seems a lot nicer than other places around the webs.