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  1. I've had an inexpensive Monte Carlo stock on one for years, 4x scope, can make an 18 oxygen cylinder dance at 200 yards. No, I'm not FOS, its a good shooter. Need to put on paper. But I recently out a tapco 6 position stock on another. Not in love with it, in fact, I'm considering getting another MC stock. I may even go back to the fixed te n rd mags too. The removable are just a novelty until shtf. Just my .02
  2. Cci $8.00/100, rem thunder $28.00/box. Those prices are Apx, last time I found them. They are coming back. Seems like .05-.08/round is the new normal. You can get them on craigslist for about 3x those prices......
  3. My edc is an M&P 9c. I really like it, have about 1000 rounds through it, and not one FTF/FTE. I've used everything from handloads, to wolf steel, herters aluminium, all major manufacturer brass. I don't know what was going on at the indoor range, limp wristers maybe? Anyway, just my .02. Mags are pricey though.
  4. I would not shoot it if barrel isn't marked for it. I have a win 70 in .223, I shot some reman 5.56 that was labeled 223 on box, messed up bolt face, case cracked in chamber. Never again.
  5. Can't go wrong with a 10/22 if you want a removable magazine, although I have found the marlin 60 to be more accurate off the shelf. The 10/22's trigger is horrible though, I hate it. The Marlin 60 is tube fed, but they do make a model that's mag fed, model 795, I think. I have shot a friends sr22, nice little gun. I have a buckmark, I like it. I believe Its hard to make a wrong choice with any of these. As far as 22lr vs. 22 mag, just depends what you want to do. Both are excellent for small game. Mag is more $.
  6. fng

    That's what it means, but not freakin. Thanks for the welcoming, hope I can contribute some perspective from the left coast.
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    New guy here in nor cal. Great sight, glad to be on board.