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  1. What about buying a gun to fit the available ammo? My Walmarts seem to have plenty of 22-250, 243, 270 and 30.06. They also have rifles to fit these calibers. I have not decided which caliber yet....
  2. This weeks yardsale and Goodwill finds.... 36 compression bandages. Various candles. 3 nice fishing reels.
  3. WildThng

    Flea Market/Garage Sale Finds

    36 individually packaged 3"x28' medical compression bandages for $11. 15 aluminum Nalgean style drinking bottles for $1 each. Going to use them for small caliber ammo storage. Abu Garcia, Bass Pro and Quantum bait caster reels at $6 each. Not a purchase, but a good friend left me a scoped Remington 742 Woodsmaster, when he died.