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  1. I've been away for awhile...I come back and it all looks different. Anyway my mate has finalized the garden layout, he will start planting English peas in the next couple weeks as an experiment since he's not grown them before. This afternoon he is moving two more beds over from his old place. He also showed me the layout for the raised beds which he can start planting in February. We are also going to have a traditional garden, as some vegetables don't' do well in raised beds. I will be very busy this summer canning, dehydrating and selling what we don't need or want. I want to cycle out a good potion of my store bought canned items in favor of the home grown which will be much higher in nutrition. We are also experimenting with keeping hot peppers in the house in warmer climates they are a perennial. We have three plants inside that are trying to bloom as well as two tomatoes plants and several pots of green onions.
  2. On the agenda for today winterization of my vehicle kit and I hope my BOB too. I know I have been putting it off because of the heat. However, the weather here has finally straightened out it's going to be a tolerable 85 degrees today.
  3. ladywolf

    Thinking about the future

    More and more often lately, I have been questioning what skills I have to bring the the table in a SHTF scenario. I have been thinking about what I could as a "job" to barter with. I have looked into to leather goods, such as bags pouches etc. which could also include horse tack as one possible option. Currently I make jewelry so I have some small tools to do this with. I know I'm on the right tract with wanting to get a hobby going that would be of benefit which is partly why I have put my jewelry making aside for something more practical. A few other options that maybe I haven't thought of yet would be appreciated. A wolf is fed by her feet.
  4. I picked up my new glasses with my current prescription. I'm going to stick my old ones in my BOB. My prescription hasn't changed much, so I'm debating on whether to update my old frames. I may just wait until next year when I have my next eye exam. I'm just happy to have a spare pair. Our fall garden is going well the radishes are nearly ready, and the cucumbers are doing well. We've had some bizarre weather this year and it has been much wetter than normal and a bit cooler at least until this month it's about 97 degrees as I write this. Unfortunately something ate the carrot tops, I don't know if that killed them or not. The two types of lettuce that were planted are just starting to come up. A wolf is fed by her feet.
  5. Restocking the larder continues and it's about time to do the seasonal vehicle kit and BoB change out. However, Mother Nature didn't get the memo that it's fall. We're having another 100 degree day, I'm having a hard time thinking about winter when I start sweating just thinking about going outside.
  6. I made a haul at Sam's club over the weekend. I have had a rather lean 3-4 months so I am having to restock EVERYTHING. However, I would rather learn this way than in a real SHTF scenario. I was forced out of necessity to use what I had it wasn't gourmet, but we didn't starve. I have also become rather fond of instant milk with sugar and vanilla added to it. My mate planted a small fall garden and I plan on gathering equipment over the winter to start canning. We have an acre and have plans for a much bigger garden in the spring. All in all things are good at the den. A wolf is fed by her feet.
  7. I'm in the process of moving again. Right now, we are configuring our kitchen to hold a large wire shelving unit to hold some of my larder. The behemoth unit is rated to hold 350lbs per shelf and each shelf is about 4 feet long. I bought it at Lowe's for about $75. This was a great find for me as I didn't have the tools to build one. I have since asked my mate to build me a much smaller unit with angled shelves so it would self rotate. In the near future we are planning to get a freezer and I would like to get a food dehydrator and a vacuum sealer.
  8. ladywolf

    Tent recomendations

    I need to get a another tent that would be suitable for 2 adults, one of which is 6' 3".
  9. Grande things just keep getting better all the time.
  10. ladywolf

    News from the den

    All right, since I know you're all laughing at my expense (at least I hope so) it is the best medicine after all. I couldn't do that again even if I made a conscious effort, but either way it's correct.
  11. ladywolf

    News from the den

    While it's been about four weeks since my last post, that is not because of a lack of things to talk about rather it's because I've been very busy. Right about the time I was going to give up on ever finding anyone to join me in this journey a miracle happened. I met a guy whose family grows huge gardens and they sell the excess produce. His mother cans and makes her own bread. He hunts, fishes and can grow anything that our climate will allow in short his lifestyle is very compatible with mine. He is also well read with a college degree. It's a great feeling to have someone I can actually run some of my crazy ideas past and get feedback on them. The not so lone wolf...
  12. I got seam sealer and water proof spray for my tent.
  13. ladywolf

    BoB trial results

    Well, I feel stupid :rolleyes:it never occurred to me to waterproof this tent of course I wasn't expecting 2 thunderstorms either. Lesson learned. I bought this tent through it's used, but in good condition. Since I'm not sure what the issue is I'll go ahead and seal the seams and spray better over kill than not enough. Although if I had to guess it was the wind it was REALLY windy as in (please God don't let my tent blow away) the second time around. Thanks for all the input I've learned a lot already in the short time I've been here. It's great to have a place I can ask questions and no one looks at me like I've grown another head.
  14. ladywolf

    BoB trial results

    I went camping last night, but had to cut it short due to bad weather. When I got there it was humid and mid 80's pretty normal for this time of year. The winds where gusty around 10-15 until near night fall. I put up my tent, it did well in the winds although, I would want to make sure I have enough tent stakes for all the attachment points in case there are no handy trees. I went through two thunderstorms. The first around midnight, the second with heavier rain and stronger winds hit about 4 am. I didn't start getting wet until the second one ended. I'm not certain if it was because the storms were so bad or if it was due to my lack of tent pitching skills. The tent was pitched on a peninsula with no grass and sparse large trees. I had a great view of the lake and I was the only one camping in this area. Here are some of the things I discovered. The Mountain House chicken and potatoes were surprisingly good. The meal was forgiving. I couldn't get the water to actually boil, but it was good and hot. Their idea of serving sizes are laughable it would have been 2 servings enough for my daughter and I, but not another adult. The stove I have is small and enclosed. I had some trouble getting it going since everything around was damp (we have been getting plenty of rain this year.) Once I grabbed bark and pine straw that were good and dry and I used Wetfire. The Wefire worked great, I also like that it is non toxic. Once I get the hang of making a fire in this stove I should be able to boil water. The other feature of this stove I like is because it is enclosed it does not produce a lot of flame or smoke unless ones uses pine straw. Carrying some dry tinder would be a good idea it doesn't have to be much so the weight in my pack would be negligible. Next time I will make a wind break and try it in the fire pit, I had it setting on the ledge of a grill another option would be on the concrete next to the picnic table. I used my lighter and matches, the matches worked better, the wind blew the lighter out. I also have a ferro rod I didn't try use, it's on the list for next time. I have a foam sleeping pad I was worried about my back, but I slept pretty well considering the weather with little pain in the morning. I added a water bladder to my pack with it full and a few other additions my pack weighed a little over 35 lbs. All things considered things went well and I will be doing this again to get better acquainted with my gear.
  15. ladywolf

    BOB dump

    Thanks I like to try it.