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    Four Tools for Survival

    1) Swiss Army Explorer 2) Gerber Multi-tool 3) KABAR 4) Cold Steel Spetznaz E-Tool
  2. Bad Day

    If you were starting over what would your survival guns be?

    Back to the thread's title... l've had to start over several times, the last time from nothin'. lf l had to start over again, knowin' what l know now, this is what my list would be. 1) Bolt action 22- able to digest 22 s,l,lr- Hunting 2) Mossberg 500 12 ga w/ 18.5, 27in, & BP barrel- Hunting/Defense 3) Marlin '94 357/38- Hunting/Defense 4) Rossi Revolver 357/38- Sidearm/Defense 5) Charter Arms Bull Dog 357/38- Back up 6) Mosin Nagant 91/30, M44, or T53 7.62x54R-
  3. Bad Day

    Help me answer a friend, how much ammo is enough?

    Why doesn't your friend cache some of his ammo at his Dad's and maybe somewhere halfway in between at a rally point? You said security was an issue but l doubt anyone will find it buried in the barn.
  4. Bad Day

    budget friendly semi-autos

    Be careful with the lranian surplus. l bought 300 rounds and almost half failed to fire!
  5. Bad Day

    If you were starting over what would your survival guns be?

    The "D" model uses AK mags. Unless it has been converted, the standard paratrooper will not.
  6. Bad Day

    North Florida

    Hey, y'all. Been visiting this sight for awhile now and have learned a lot. Figured it's about time l participated.