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  1. Longarm

    Anyone have a bug out truck camper?

    let me know ifn you have additional sites to learn from please
  2. Longarm

    Anyone have a bug out truck camper?

    Back in a different life, I too had a slide in when I was running around playing the rodeo circuit... I am retired law enforcement and now living in a '73 Class A RV. I write to encourage you in a bit different direction. Your thought into the list to 'stock' your outfit is a really good start. My focus is currently to be redundant in my preps. This outfit has an Onan gen set already. It may or not start when it is freezass outside. My goal now is to get this to 'run deep - run silent'. That is to get set up with deep cell batteries and inverters as an alternative to shore power and/or the gen set. I am outfitting both the camper and my daily driver so I have three/four deep alternatives in civilization and two/three off grid. The advantages are just redundant CYA. For lights - I have converted all bulbs to LED for less draw and better lighting. For heat - I have a propane furnace (suseptable to the wind blowing out pilot), infrared wall mount, stove and oven. I also have an electric heater. I hope to add an inline on demand water heater to back the little propane water heater. May I reccomend a site as is dedicated to this type of 'power down' preparedness and has free and for purchase videos covering exactly how to set up such backups? check out Steven (Storm) Harris sites http://www.Battery1234.com it will lead you to several more of his sites