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  1. I would also like to remind all readers that the Founding Fathers Placed "Keep and Bear Arms" as the SECOND item in the.....BILL OF RIGHTS! its not a Bill of Nice to Have's its a subject that the founders declared as Inalienable, meaning that its universally accepted that all men who ARE created equal... Shall NOT have thier gun rights "Infringed". I am concerned because Biden recently mentioned the "mainstream media" all agree, that there needs to be drastic changes. My proposal is that the "mainstream media" stop tugging at the heart strings of every cry baby who claims that guns are evil, What about the Man or Woman or even Child wielding the gun, maybe they are the "evil" aspect of a gun tragedy. I was sympathetic to the parents of the 15 YO girl who was shot to death i a park in Chicago, what decent person would not feel something. If the Pres wants to get it right, dont punish the MANY, for the errant ways of a very few.