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  1. If you are going to keep poultry and are worried about foxes have a look at We have not had a fox attack since we purchased two lights nearly two years ago. It also pays to keep baiting and shooting them if possible as just by driving them away only gives the problem to someone else.
  2. Bazza

    So I just bought a house...where to begin?

    Do not consider any dog that is overly noisy or vicious as they will draw attention to you. Cats become an issue when they visit the neighbours and peeing in places where the odour lingers and may result in causing bad feelings. The same goes for fencing that does not match the type already in the neighbourhood such as security type fencing with barbed wire. Well placed fencing in the gardens for climbing plants etc., can make unwanted visitors follow certain pathways and make it more difficult for them to have more direct routes to your private areas. It is a good idea to join several local/community groups as you will be able to get an idea of how the community works, who knows what, who can do what etc.
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    So I just bought a house...where to begin?

    Where we live we have about a metre of evaporation per year but in the raised beds that is increased to at least three times that amount due to irrigation water seeping quickly through to the natural surface. We only grow vegetables in our raised beds during the winter months because of the amount of water and time it takes to keep them moist during the hotter months. If you would like raised beds try Wicking Beds as these will save you water and they can be easier to maintain than raised beds. There is quite a lot on the internet about them. During the hotter months we grow a lot o If the water table will allow you to put in a cellar that could be a priority and a good way to camouflage it would be to build a room over it. If your site is sloped it would pay to have two entrances, one under the room and another via an underground ramp. I am not sure about saving water in bladders. We have about 100,000 litres of rainwater storage and out largest tanks hold 31,700 litres. Because of the way they are constructed they cannot be buried but there are some on the market that can be.
  4. I have heard on the news during the past few days that there are storage vessels for nuclear waste leaking in Washington (State?) and for this to be on the news you can guarantee it is true. What I would be doubting is the ability of the Government, any Government, to be telling the truth about how bad this type situation really is in relation to the amount of contamination being produced and the extent of that pollution once it gets into the water table. As we saw in the Soviet Union when Chernobyl fell over the water table was compromised over great distances including other countries and will be so for many years to come. Remember, that if the system as we know it does break down who is going to maintain any of the tens of thousands of the storage facilities situated throughout the world. My advice would be to steer well clear of any area that has the potential to become a death trap in the long term. Your money and resources may not go as far elsewhere but your peace of mind will make up for the extra cost for less.
  5. I believe that too many people believe that a ‘Bug out Place’ has to be something like a fortified piece of land containing bunkers and the like. Having the fortifications may be all right for some but we believe that in times of hardship the people who would be prepared to work together for the common good would outnumber those who wanted to isolate themselves from others. It must also be remembered that a fortification may be ideal for keeping people out but it can also become a prison because those outside have a really good chance of keeping you inside as prisoners in your own fortification. Having fortifications attracts the attention of neighbours and before long the whole district usually knows that there is an ‘Oddball” in the area. We live on 16 hectare rural property in a mud brick house with enough arable land and good water supply that allows us, at the present time, to grow a large percentage of our food and provide us with the greater part of our firewood supply. We have an underground shelter that can be used as either a fire or storm refuge and our property cannot be flooded out. Although we live entirely off the grid and have our own solar power system we are also geared up to live entirely without mains electricity. Electricity in times of societal breakdown will neither feed nor clothe you. We practice successional planting with the vegetables and this eliminates the need to store many of them that we grow and by growing a larger than usual number of different vegetables it allows us to have a good diet all year round. Our nearest town is about ten kilometres away and has most of the services and shops that we need. We know or know of most of the people that live within 30 to 50 kilometres of us and if ever the system as we know it failed we feel that we would be safe here because most of the other people would end up having the same problems as we would have. If you want to survive any situation you should already be living where you believe that you have a very good chance of doing so and have the available ground to supply you with most, if not all, of your food supplies as well as water and fuel.
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    My House

    A wood burning stove suitable for cooking all of your food requirements as well as being able to heat your water as well as your house would go a long way towards your sustainability. Under no circumstance burn wood that is not free of moisture as in doing so you will use much of the encaptured energy it contains just to get it to burn. Firewood that is not dry will also create creosote and other gases/liquids that will clog up your chimney and promote corrosion in any metal work it comes in contact with. If you like to have two years or five years of food set aside in your storage facility then that is also the length of time your firewood store should last you. Firewood, like water and food must be treated as an asset as in any situation whereby the overall system fails they are nearly equal in making your survival comfortable. We have summer temperatures as high (so far) as 47 degrees centigrade so in the warmer weather we use a gas stove for our cooking needs. With gas we have the ability to store anywhere from one to ten years supply of bottled gas and this can be done with relative safety. In the warmer months our hot water is heated via a solar hot water system and this saves us not only money but also peace of mind knowing that we never have to worry about having it available.