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  1. Mommy Liberty, I'll say it again. You do not need to pay taxes or penalties to get your hands on your money and buy physical metals that you can hold......I repeat....don't pay the taxes if you don't have to. YOU CAN have control of your money. I HAVE DONE IT MYSELF. I am not reading about it...and I didn't hear about some guy saying that you could on youtube. I have done it and continue to help others do it. If you would like some help, let me know. I am always trying to help people out with this information, but for some reason it is hard to get across. THERE ARE NO TAX IMPLICATIONS IF YOU DO IT CORRECTLY.
  2. It's always fun to go shooting with someone who is using an AR. I wait for them to fire off a few mags, then pull out the old M1a. Kaboom, Kaboom, Kaboom....then they want to try it. After they fire off a few, the comment is usually "Holy cow! that thing rips." Isn't it funny how the numbskulls in the media keep pointing fingers at the AR...."why do you need such a powerful gun?" or "Nobody in their right mind would use such a powerful gun for deer hunting." Well....actually, I wouldn't use such an weak gun for deer hunting. I know, I know, it will work, but it is not ideal. A .30 caliber or a super fast .25-06 or something along those lines is much more efficient. A 5.56 is good for wounding people (and killing), but a .308 or .30-06 will take care of humans (weak) and deer, elk (strong) and almost anything else in a bind much quicker. The combination of rapid firepower, nock them on their behind 165 grain bullets, and ability to take out chumps as well as elk, at a safe distance makes the M1a my go to gun if I had to run out the door in a hurry...which I had to do a few months ago when my dog started chasing a mountain lion out of my driveway and up the mountain!
  3. I am a bit wary of mutual funds. Often they are called diversified....but they are only diversified within the US stock market. I think you will find that when the "market" goes down, the vast majority of stocks go down as a group...that's what causes the market to go down. Investing in hard assets like land and metals provides further diversification. Investing overseas increases the diversification even further. All of these things can be done, but not through standard Wall Street institutions. The real reason for the creation of retirement accounts that are managed by the Wall Street gang is to....imagine that, make the Wall Street goons fabulously rich by charging hidden fees for this "management". There are ways to get your retirement money into your own hands...literally, and invest in hard assets like metals and land, or invest offshore, or bury it in a hole if you would like. I have done a little of each of these.
  4. I think that you should think about a few things first. The market is close to an all time high. What does that say to you? It should not say "This is a great time to buy!" It should make you wary of a bubble that has been forming for several years. When will it burst? Who knows? Will the market go even higher - short term? Maybe, or maybe it will tank tomorrow. Is there a reason for stocks to be this high, or is it just inflation? Is the economy doing great? Are there better asset classes that produce better returns? Are there safer investments? All of these things are highly personal to you.....well not all, some are universal. You need to take a look at the big picture and also the "mega trends".....where will the money be years from now? How will the economy be 3 years from now...5 years? Buying stocks is a rich man's game and most people lose their behinds gambling on "hot" stocks. Now, if you have everything else covered, then sure, what the hell, gamble. But if you don't have guns, ammo, housing, and food covered, get those first. And high cap mags look like a good investment right now!
  5. I guess it depends on who you are envisioning fighting or what you envision will be necessary to survive. And these two envisioned scenarios are quite different depending on location. If I were in LA, I'd probably be screwed. Fortunately, I live in a rural area where my biggest concern would be warmth and food gathering. Also, due to where I am located, I would anticipate longer shots as being the norm....and larger animals. I also think that if a military force were to kick my door in, I would go down in a hail of bullets. I would not survive, regardless of gun choice. My rifle may be nicer, but when they take your door down with 20 guys, you lose. My hope would be that I am not the first house to be stormed, so that I have a chance to get to higher ground and "snipe"....or just run further than the clowns with vests, helmets, and all the other gear that they would likely carry. I think I am better in "my" woods than any police or military guy would be. They would be at a distinct disadvantage.
  6. Hello. I just joined this forum, but I am sure I can help. It is true that there is discussion about nationalizing retirement savings here in the US. It is also true that you can, if you do it right, get your money in your own hands without paying a huge tax and penalty bill. I know how to do it. Let me know if you need some help with it. I am glad to help out.
  7. If you haven't already made a move, let me know. I can help you get your money out without taking the tax and penalty hits. There is a perfectly legal way to hold metals and real-estate within your retirement savings, while keeping the tax benefits.
  8. I'm another guy from Montana. I'm sure there is no shortage of us here. I guess I fall under the financial collapse tent; in other words, I suspect that our financial system in this country will be the catalyst for the downfall of this country and soon after, all others....except the countries that are not "civilized"...aka Western. Because of my opinion that financial collapse is the most likely catalyst, I focus my preparation towards the financial end. I think that owning hard assets and things that are valuable when the power is out or you can't get food, is the most important before focusing on other things. Of course, if you are living in an area that security is an issue, you need to consider that first. Fortunately, where I live, warmth and food are the priorities. I have that covered. I live in Montana, so I am already armed to the teeth by default. I think that many people do not consider internationalizing there assets to hedge against civil unrest on the home front. The countries that are "uncivilized" will probably be more safe, due to the fact that they have nothing to lose. It will be here in the good old USA that the problems will be most pronounced (europe too). I spend most of my days trying to educate and inform average everyday Americans about how they can protect themselves from our government (thieves). There are ways to mitigate your exposure to their confiscatory grubby hands. I enjoy helping people avoid over paying taxes and penalties when they think about cashing in their retirement savings...401k's and IRA's. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I also assist people with moving money overseas. I have contacts in other jurisdictions who can help to this end if you have questions. I also know people in the business of purchasing survival retreat real estate. Let me know if I can help. I think that it is important to help people out with whatever your particular skills are. Neighbors should help neighbors.
  9. I'd go with a Springfield Socom II with an Aimpoint Comp M4 and a Viltor Sopmod stock, an H&K USP .45, and a Ruger .22 pistol. Shotguns are nice for birds and people in real close, but the .308 or .45 would work fine for that too. I can carry all three of these guns with me at once and do whatever I would ever need to do. The .22 pistol will work for birds and quiet work.