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    I live in Northern Idaho, married, 4 children, educated
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    Northern Idaho
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    Military, hunting, fishing, prepping, shooting, anything outdoors, survival
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    Hey, everybody!

    Welcome to the forum. Look forward to the discussions.
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    'Bout time I introduced myself....

    Welcome friend, let the learning begin.
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    Glad to be here among friends!

    Hello all, I’m biohazard from the free state of Idaho, living in the Northern part of the state. I am a National Guardsmen who has been serving off and on since 1989. I started out in the Air Force as a Crew Chief on C-130’s then I switched to the Army where I’m 11B (Infantry). My family and I are preppers and we are currently trying to buy a home where we can live more off the grid and to raise our own food. I enjoy hunting, hiking, shooting, prepping, living off the land, and anything to do with the outdoors. My goal in this forum is to learn from like-minded individuals and to discuss survival issues without the fear of belittling.