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    I am a father of two wonderful pre-teen boys. I am a career LEO, currently running a training unit. I like to spend time outdoors with my sons and maybe get to take a ride on my little Ducati Monster.
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    Queens County, New York
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    Camping, motorcycling, reading
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    Law Enforcement, NYPD
  1. Wild Rumpus

    Fuel in vehicle how much do u have?

    When the needle on the gauge is in the middle, is the tank half full or half empty? Sorry, philosophy is on another thread. I preach the standard "a half tank is an empty" to family and friends. I have had 2 experiences with large-scale power outages and fuel delivery problems. I was amazed at the shock expressed by people during/after Hurricane Sandy that there was no gas. How many NY'ers think it must come from the Fuel Fairy? The problem became the thieves and cheats that emerged to steal gas or cut in waiting lines at the gas stations. It should serves as a reminder to us just how fast it can all devolve.
  2. Wild Rumpus

    Introduction Thread

    Hello and greetings from New Yawk ("I'm going out for milk...cover me!" ). I have enjoyed reading posts here and I thought I could learn more from actually asking questions and joining an occasional discussion. About myself: I am a father to two great boys, both in grade school. I am a Lt in the NYPD with over 22 years in my Dept. I have been camping and doing outdoor activities nearly all my life. I enjoy camping with the kids, reading, and taking a motorcycle ride when I can get away. I have had a go-bag for a few years (though I see how much I really need to learn!), and I have acquired some basic outdoor skills over the years. I see the posts and I'm really expanding my thinking. The bug out bag section alone is worth it! I am concerned about what I see as a severe lack of self-sufficiency here in the city. I have read how others in S.C. will have issues "getting out" of your own area due to urban traffic, family matters, work, etc. I am really in the same situation for all of those. I look forward to hearing about how others deal with those matters, and also finding a rational place to chat when the arrogance around me is being critical and labeling as "fearful" those who prepare or (gasp) own a firearm. And btw, the avatar and name Wild Rumpus come from "Where the Wild Things Are" which is simply my favorite book which I read to my children. No hidden meaning. Those were some of the greatest times of my life. Thank you.