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  1. [ATTACH=CONFIG]1755[/ATTACH] This is my fire kit I carry with me all the time when backpacking.

    Starting top left

    Piece of leather



    Flint Striker

    Middle row

    Bic lighter

    Jute twine

    Cotton cord

    Ball of bamboo shavings

    Two pieces of tinder fungus

    Three pieces of punk wood

    Some fatwood

    Toy caps and clip to activate caps

    Pine pitch

    Last row

    fresnel lens

    Tin for holding my fire prep.

    The reason I don't show a firesteel is because i carry it with my edc in my leatherman wave sheath

  2. Be ready for some very sticky hands. I did use my knife when collecting pine pitch but it gets the blade all sticky. So now I just sharpen a stick and use that to pry the pine pitch off the tree and put it in a empty coffee cup for storage. Be careful where you put the pine pitch it sticks to everything. Ill post some pics of my pine pitch lamp...OT

  3. Howdy everyone the names offtrail. first let me say thanks for allowing me to join this great site. I love all types of bushcraft but my first love is firecraft. So far i have been successful with the bow drill, firesteel, flint and steel, fresnel lens, pump drill, empty bic, I also use toy caps to start my campfires. Skills i'm working on, the hand drill and bamboo firesaw. I love making cordage from plant fiber and am working on a all primitive bow drill kit including making my own bow cord from plant fiber. I have been close and had smoke but the cordage always brakes before i get a coal. I'm very truthful and never lie about my skills or lack of. Looking forward to meeting the group...OT