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    Origionaly from New Jersey, I found myself in the Alaskan wilds after joining the Army. I had such a great time I decided to stay. Been up in AK since '96 and have never looked back. Married a local gal and we are raising 3 great boys. I spend my time helping my wife in the garden, doing wood working projects, remodeling my house and erforming upkeep on my rentals. I also like to study how folks lived in the past and research everything from metal smithing and tanning to using creative ways they managed the larger projects in days gone by.
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    Anchorage Alaska
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    Hikiing, fishing, camping, hunting, gaming, computer, reading.
  1. SigCorps

    Looking for a long range hunting rifle

    Thanks for all the input folks. I need to see if I can get my hands on a few of these and test fire them. Thankfully my eldest son works at a firing range. I am liking the look of the Ruger. That M77 looks to be a nice upgrade from the American I looked at earlier. The debate on .300 vs .338 would be the next step. I need to test fire those. While I am an experienced shooter I have yet to fire either of those rounds. Not too many M16 or M249s in those calibers.
  2. After sorting through all the good info in this part of the forums I want to pose a question. I am looking for a long range hunting rifle. Now here come the criteria. I live in Alaska, where the animals come in large, extra-large and holy crud look at the size of that. So I want something that with maybe, upping the grains on the rounds, will take down pretty much anything. Worst I may have to be concerned with are our large brown bears. Main game would be caribou, elk and moose. For smaller game I already own a G22 rifle. While yes it was bought as a plinking gun to go to the range with my sons, it can still be used for small game, has built in sites and an 8 round clip. So that area is covered. As for a side arm, carrying anything smaller than a .44 in bear country is an invitation to being mauled by a wounded angry bear. But .44 suggestions are for another thread. I do have some hunting experience, and military background so I can shoot and know how to maintain a weapon. Now my father-in-law is in favor of the Ruger scout 308. I like the iron sites idea incase optics become unusable, but the 308 is a tad small for brown bears. I did look at Savage 111s but the one I saw did not have any iron sites. I also looked at a Winchester with sites, but the price tag was prohibitive. I would like to keep it under $800 if possible, under $600 preferable. I am thinking of something in the 300 win range and prefer iron sites as well as being able to mount optics. Looking for something easy to maintain and light weight comparably. Not adverse to synthetic stocks and such. This is a weapon that would be included in any bug out situations, so it needs to be able to be used for worst case scenarios. As I have heard that 300 win can have a decent kick, upgraded, aftermarket stocks can also be included in any suggestions. Thanks for any suggestions.
  3. SigCorps

    ACU vs BDU

    I got out of the Army before they started issuing those ACUs, but my BDUs survived some nasty stuff in the Alaskan wild. I still have 4 sets left and I have been out for 12 years. Great for camping, paintball and all sorts of woodland fun. I also prefer buttons to velcro and the summer BDUs have rip stop and it works well. Winter uniforms were not rip stop while I was in.
  4. SigCorps

    Introduction Thread

    Hello everyone and greetings from Anchorage Alaska. I have just recently gotten into SHTF planning with my family. Lots of great info floating about in this place. Thank you to all the contributors.