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    I am the Chief of Public Safety at a township in northern Illinois.
    Retired from The Illinois Dept. of Nuclear Safety after 25 years in Nuclear Haz-Mat, and What-If planning.
    I am also a Consulting Meteorolgist to the Emergency Management Industry doing forecasting and training.
    4 years service in the U.S. Army.
    Yes, I am an Old Guy...... so what.
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    Lake Villa, Illinois
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    Public Safety Planning, Severe Weather forecasting.
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    Chief, Antioch Township Office of Public Safety. Retired from Illinois Dept. of Nuclear Safety.
  1. Are there any Go-To frequences set up within the group??? A place where members could meet/monitor in times of need. Maybe not just ham stuff, but other places. Free-Band, marine radio, GMRS, FRS, Business Band..... Dot Freqs ????? Bob