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    My mother(whom I live with) has always tried to raise me as an anti-gun, anti-survivalism type of person. I'm 16 now and, despite her best efforts, my Survivalist dad has taught me about guns, we shoot together, we do martial arts, we read surival books, run Bug Out drills, etc. So I thought I would join this forum and try to learn some new things and become a better Survivalist.
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    USA: The Home of The Brave
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    Paintball/Airsoft, Shooting, Martial Arts(Including Boxing, Kung Fu, and Wrestling among others).
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    Unofficial Construction Worker(Not old enough to use power tools and such, I do clean up)
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    Anti-Gun Control Videos

    Aha, that's actually my profile picture for youtube! Well, not the same exact picture, but same thing more or less. Hitler with that same saying
  2. Krauss

    Anti-Gun Control Videos

    Thanks, Wally! The Purpose Of 'Assault Weapons'
  3. Hey guys, just looking for some feedback, and maybe ideas for a new thing I'm doing. I've just started(though Ive been thinking about doing it for quite a while) making some anti gun control videos for youtube. I'd appreciate if any of you could find the time to watch them, comment on them(in here or on youtube), tell me what you think, whether or not you agree, sources for me to check out, etc.. My Channel Dianne Feinstein Video Jesse Ventura and Piers Mogan Going At It Joshua Boston(Love this guy) Again, guys, I'd appreciate any feedback or comments you can give me Hopefully this doesn't get me labeled as a douche bag spammer, but I understand if one of the mods feels the need to close the thread. I checked around a little, and didn't see anything about it in the rules, though. If you guys like the videos, please let me know, and I could keep posting them here as I make them?
  4. Im confused.. Are you pissed at me, Juzcallmesnake? Or, just all the sheeple..? And thanks to Mommyliberty a ton! That was great advice. Very helpful, that's stuff I probably wouldn't have thought of, lol. Thank you
  5. I'd feel a whole lot more reassured if the whole door was just solid wood or something. But, there's a big window in it about neck height. You can see everything from the outside except the corners to the left and right. That actually makes some sense I'll look into it. Any idea where i should start looking for that? I read about something just like that on some terrorist prevention site a while back. I always stick as close as I possibly can to the door without the teacher flipping out. I figure I'll probably get shot either way if Im fighting a gunman, but I'd rather actually be fighting him than hiding in a corner and getting shot at. And dont worry about it haha. I was just bored in study hall, and I got to thinking about it. So, didn't miss anything important.
  6. I'd like to say two things before I get into the subject I'm bringing up. I'm sorry if this is the wrong section to post this in or if this has already been covered. Second, I'm sorry for not being an active member of the site. I've been lurking around and reading stuff, but I haven't been signing on and getting involved in discussions. On Topic: So, today at school, we had a stranger danger drill. Now, I know these drills are meant to be for any type of intruder in the school, but in light of the recent school shootings, this one was focused totally on a school shooter situation. And I really don't think were doing anything right. This is how the drill goes(you're probably familiar with it): 1)A thirty second bell goes off to tell us that were going into lockdown. 2)All the students gather up in the corner to the left of the door, so that the intruder cant see them if he looks thrught the door's window. 3)The lights are turned off and the blinds are shut for the windows. 4)If it's real, we basically sit there and hope we don't die. My Problems With The Drill: 1)Even if he can't see US, an intruder can see all of our backpacks and school work sitting at our tables. He knows were there. 2)Are we trying to fool him? He knows there's school. He went to school at some point, and it's a wednesday at 11 in the morning/ He knows were there. 3)If he has a gun, it really wouldn't be very difficult to get through the door. If he does, and were all huddled as far back in the corner as possible, were just sitting ducks. I know there are reasons for why we do each of these things. But, couldn't there be some other way of doing this stuff? The only thing I can think of would be to arm teachers. My main question is, what do you guys think I could do? I know that theres a big chance of getting shot no matter what I do, but I'd prefer not to just sit there and wait to be shot. Im not saying I should run into the hallway and fight him off with my nina skills or anything. But, what kind of steps could I take INSIDE our classroom to ensure that we wouldn't be TOTALLY defenseless in this situation?
  7. Not a whole lot I can think of to do. But, I did manage to pick up one of those flint stick things that you scrape to make sparks for your fire Also, I recently started storing whatever little supplies I can around the house. I live in an anti-prepping household, and my mom won't go shopping for food unless the pantry is litterally empty, haha, and she only picks up a bare minimum when she does shop. So, I've been taking one or two cans of food that she buys for us, and storing them in a hidden spot in the garage, as well as however many bottled waters I can pick up. We have lots of preps at my dad's bug out location, but I feel like I should start storing some things myself in case of a bug in situation. P.S. I dont know if this counts, but I've also just started reading Lights Out(EMP book)
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  9. Krauss

    Are your friends sheeple?

    I suppose I'm lucky. My friends are almost all Pro-Gun, Constitution Loving, Patriot Preppers lol. Though I think I know how you guys feel with those kind of friends, my mom(whom I live with) is one of those kind of people. Not just the 'Roll The Eyes' type, someone who will argue all night with me if I were to bring up anything to do with prepping and/or guns.
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    Krauss's Intro

    No, not a charter arms, but I don't actually know the manufacturer. I feel dumb, that's probably something I should know haha
  11. Krauss

    Guide To Basic Unarmed Combat

    Yep. To be honest, if someone pulled a knife on me in real life, though, I'd be outta there in a heartbeat if I saw the opportunity to run. It's nice to know how to defend against one anyway though.
  12. Krauss

    Krauss's Intro

    Thanks. I look forward to getting more involved with the site! Lol I know I'm at least ahead of MY friends. Their idea of a bug out bag is camo clothes and their dad's gun to fight zombies xD Thanks by the way! I like the username, a fellow Oregonian!
  13. Krauss

    Guide To Basic Unarmed Combat

    Lmao!! I've never been in a bar fight, but I can say honestly that I've never run away from a match, even when I knew I'd lose.
  14. Krauss

    Guide To Basic Unarmed Combat

    Experience plays a big factor in fighting. I know people with little to no training in an actual martial arts facility who I would NOT want to fight.
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    Krauss's Intro

    Thank you very much!