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  1. greg48

    Are your friends sheeple?

    it seems there are alot that will acknowledge there is something big coming yet they are to busy with their ipods and texting, they think when SHTF they'll just text their friends and go out for lunch...
  2. greg48

    oc pepper spray

    i bought 3 cans of UDAP Bear Spray Deterrent, supposed to be 30% stronger and shoot 30% further, keep them in vehicles, if i use one i'll give you a report. they are reported to send grizzly bears down the road, should work for a zombie...
  3. greg48

    ACU vs BDU

    BDUs will last along time, the regular ones, not the warm weather ones, the ACUs will last about as long as it take sto get them on. the BDUs have good stuff like re-inforced knees, the ACUs have reinforced knees but they'll never last that long.
  4. greg48


    hang on i'm over 6ft i'm making notes, writing down names...