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  1. Sam66

    Medical Skills

    I have no much idea of medical because it is not my professional but my brother is a doctor and i learned lot of things to my brother. I have learnt many good points with this thread. Thanks everyone for sharing such a useful information.
  2. Sam66

    Best medical supplies/supply kits on a budget?

    Medical kit is important for us and everyone should have it in house because it may be need for everyone. I have my own medical kit at home. Anyway nice discussion and thanks for sharing your ideas.
  3. Sam66

    Water for health!!!

    Water is the need of our body and we can't live without it. It has million of benefits and we can't describe its benefits.We should drink maximum water as we can. I think 10 to 15 glass of water is good to drink.
  4. Sam66


    Well i have no any idea but i think it can remain good up to a couple of years so you can store rice easily. I love to eat rice. It is my favorite food item in dinner.