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  1. Rambo

    CB radio and xtra

    I have a cobra 148gtl cb with usb lsb. tuned to a midnight special 700 with am ssb settings. all used but good shape, mic is a astatic d104 power mic. let me know if anyone is interested and for prices. open to offers
  2. I didnt see anyone post anything here about the Baofeng UHF VHF dual band portable radios (unless i missed it). Ive heard good reviews on these radios and there under $60 on ebay. They transmitt over the full uhf and vhf bands including public saftey (So be careful) To me theyed make a good radio for survival SHTF or whatever. They also have built in am fm radio and a led flashlight. Lots of accessories also. Supposedly the batery lasts a long time too plus you can buy extra batteries cheap and the hi capacity battery too. Check them out.