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    28 Year old newly wed who recently had his eyes opened to the need to provide and prepare for my family for what ever may happen.
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    Prepping, I want it to consume my soul.
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    Starting from Zero

    101Matt: Thanks for the welcome to the forums, and your insight on acquiring from family. I do have a set of cousins we are going to visit for the holidays, and they are very outdoorsy. I will try to hit them up for any gear they have replaced recently but haven't disposed of the original. As for backpacks, regretably we have no spare ones, but those are cheap and I intented to purchase gray packs for the GHB's. Wally: Thank you so much for reminding me about a knife / hatchet / machete. I completely forgot about them, and will assuredly add 2 knives to the immediate section. Also, thanks for the day at a time advice. As I was typing that list my gut just kept sinking, I have this frantic desire to have all of it now, but I'm sure many have felt that at one point or another. t2940 I will definitely keep you in mind when it comes time for acquiring a portable water system. Thanks for the offer.
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    Starting from Zero

    Well like many of you at one point in your life, you had your eyes opened and discovered that its up to you, to secure your future, to protect and provide for your family, and be ready for what ever life may throw at you. I Just had my awakening, the cold water of reality thrown on me in my comfortable sleep. It was really a culmination of events that slowly started this itch in the back of my mind. The itch that tells you, you will die if you don't begin preparing. I realized I was one of the "9 meals away from crazy people", and I also realized I didn't want to be one of those people any longer. I live in fairly rural Ohio but work in one of its largest cities, and right in the middle of down town. Aka ground zero if SHTF, No one is leaving the city by car. Its bad enough that it takes 30 mins to escape down town in normal going home from work scenarios, let alone mass panic / less than ideal situations. I am recently married ( Almost two months and she hasn't got rid of me yet ). However during the time I started reading information on SC and getting the courage to post on the forums as probably one of the LEAST prepared posters, I got her on board. So, I count that as Victory #1. A little background on us. Im 28, she's 24. She's a teacher and I work for a Bank. She works where we live, and I commute ~1hr to and from work. We have some left over income at the end of the month, but we have been trying to pay off our debt first. (before either of us really saw the shining prepping light ). I would say when the dust settles when it comes to finances we have ~$100 a month to spend on prepping. When it comes to being preppared we are quite litterally starting from zero. We have no weapons, or weapons training. I have shot a 9mm pistol, a .40 pistol, and a .22 in my life time, but those were one time instances. We have no dedicated Food Storage. Or dedicated water storage, nor a means to store water out side of a Hot Water heater. We have no means of heating water with out power / gas. I have no grills / camping stove etc. We have no real survival clothing, outside of a nice pair of goretex hiking boots I purchased for her for christmas. ( we got each other prepper presents ) I have a small amount of tools, and my prepper present was a Leatherman Surge. We both have minimal Outdoorsy experience. Im a finance guy who dabbles in computers ( alot of good those do when the power goes off ). She likes to hike, but would be SoL if she had to stay out there for more than a day. So like I said, we are starting from Zero. My goal, is to start from scratch and hopefully make a nice post so that I could contribute to the site as I acquire things ( and why ) over time ( with of course guidance and advice from you all here ) Our rough plan for prepping is as follows. Immediate Priorities. Obtain: ~10 days of Ultra Non Perishable Meals ( MRE's, Mainstay Rations, Mountain house etc) A way to store 20 Gallons of Water - A way to Purify / boil water with no power 3 Changes of non cotton clothing for myself / wife and 3 tier jackets for us both as well as Quality goretex footwear for me Find and use 14 easy to make, common ingrediant, low tech recipies. - Obtain 1 month of ingrediants for said recipies. Begin eating said recipies routinely Purchase 2 Get home bags to place in vehicles as well as 2 Bug out Bags for our Home Obtain one way to generate heat / cook with no power Build Tier one First aid Kit 4 - 6 month Priorities: Purchase 1 Pistol and find instruction for useage ( for both of us ) Stock 500 Rounds of Ammo ( ammo for stock not practice purpose ) Build 2nd tier first aid Kit Begin Filling Get Home Bags Begin Filling Bug Out Bags Acquire Portable Shelter System Acquire A means to carry and filter water for travel Acquire 4 More changes of survival based clothing Stock 3 Months Of Ingrediants of Long Term Food Storage Acquire ~10 days worth of Long Term Meals Find classes or guides on Basic Gardening - Begin acquiring Seeds Increase means of water storage to 50 Gallons 6 - 10 Month Priorities: Finish Bug Out Bag / Get Home Bag Begin Assembling more robust Vehicle Kit(s) Acquire 12ga Shotgun - 250 Rounds of Ammo Stock 1000 Rds Pistol Ammo ( up from 500 ) Find / Attend a survival Course ( possible vacation opporunity! ) Finish 3rd tier First aid Kit Acquire 1 weeks worth of Survival Based clothing Increase ways to store water to 100 gallons Implement Rain Cachement System Increase Food Supply to 6 Months Acquire Generator 10 Month and Further Acquire .45 Pistol and stock ammunition Acquire .22 Rifle and stock ammunition Acquire Higher Caliber Rifle and stock ammuntion ( for larger game Deer / aggressive predators 4 legged and 2 ) Finish Vehicle Kits Acquire and Implement Means of Alternative Energy Work on creating duplicates for all items, as they say 2 is 1 and 1 is none. I am open to any and all criticism, tweaks, suggestions, emotional out bursts, lol's, and any and all discussion about my chicken or the egg scenario ( which comes first ). Like I said I want to provide for my family, keep us safe, secure, and fed as best I can. I refuse to fail them, but I need help and guidance.