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    hey all for survival solar energy is best way !! Go solar with SolarUSA and start saving money today! We create custom solar thermal systems optimized for your home. We want to cut your reliance on oil or natural gas. Contact us today for a FREE Quote! Our residential home solutions provide a way to save for each and every home out there! There is nothing better than free energy and you are just one step away. Our team prides itself on professional, timely and quality installations. We make sure to work with the client and maintain open lines of communication. Our services have also reached into radiant floor heating. Solar hot water can create enough energy to not only supply the hot water for your home, but also help heat your home through radiant floor heating. Federal Tax Credit 30% of the gross installation price minus the NYSERDA rebate. NY State Tax Credit 25% of the system cost minus the rebate, up to a maximum of $5,000. URL