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  1. Does know how Food Insurance Company is. They are out of Utah. This is what they have... The Top Sellers Kit contains a 107 servings of long-term food storage. This supply includes our best selling breakfasts and lunch/dinner entrées, and will feed one adult, 3 meals per day, for 5 weeks. All items in the Top Sellers Kit have a 25-year shelf-life. The supply contains: - 1 can granola with honey & almonds - 1 can maple & brown sugar oatmeal - 1 can spaghetti with meat sauce - 1 can beef stroganoff - 1 can chicken à la king - 1 can fettuccine alfredo with chicken - 1 can lasagna with meat sauce Retail price $299.99 Shipping weight: 20lbs On sale for $199.00 Let me know thanks for your help.
  2. Anyone see this on MSN.... An Atlanta mom took matters into her own hands on Friday when confronting an intruder. The unidentified woman hid with her 9-year-old twins in a crawlspace as a man broke into her house and began rummaging through it. The alleged burglar, Paul Ali Slater, eventually found the family’s hiding space, but not before finding himself staring down the barrel of a .38 revolver. The woman fired six shots, five of which hit Slater in the face and neck, but he managed to flee after the family ran to a neighbor’s house. Slater is expected to survive. This story, shared thousands of times from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website, has incited some pro-gun tweeps to voice their delight; @Jennecar writes of the story, "why we need guns in our homes!" And @kjclt1 writes, "bet this Atlanta area mother of 2 is glad she had her gun." Nice!!!!
  3. I've read that you shouldn't pack cotton pants (jeans) or cotton socks in a BOB. Why is that?
  4. W134

    Hello from Moreno Valley Ca

    I’ve lived in Moreno Valley for about 42 years. I work in Indio (east of Palm Springs) and have a house there too. That house is about ½ mile from the San Andreas Fault. When the big one hits I don’t plan on it still being there. Hopefully I won’t be in it. I’ve been working at Indio PD for 16 years and still love it. My property in Moreno Valley has been a labor of love. It was in disrepair when I got it in 2000. The house is 2000 Sq. on 20 acres and I got it for $179,000 even now not a bad price. Been working on it ever since just a little at a time.
  5. W134

    Hello from Moreno Valley Ca

    Pomegranate, lemon, lime, tangelo, grapefruit, nectarine, plum, tangerine, kumquat, and a small herb garden. No live stock, all hillside.
  6. W134

    Hello from Moreno Valley Ca

    interesting I'm going to see if I can find more info on that. Thanks
  7. I live in Moreno Valley Ca. east of Riverside west of palm Springs I've been prepping for about a year now starting to get the hang of it, but still have a lot to learn. I've have 20 acres in Moreno Valley with a bug out location in Indio Ca. I’m now learning to navigate the forms and finding a lot of good info at Survival Cache. I’m looking to get off the grid completely in a few years. I have my own well with a 5000 gal holding tank. I’m on propane and electric. I’m looking to learn more about wind and solar. If anyone has good connects let me know. Well that’s it about me hope we’ll be talking soon. Prep on!!!! W134