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    The Jihad continues...

    Just woke up to more news with Bloomburgs spew about gun control and Al Queda in Syria openly. Tie that to the Russian thing and someone is trying to sell more weapons i'm betting.
  2. t2940

    The Jihad continues...

    Won't happen here in Texas.................good post VB
  3. If I don't do it, it won't happen....................lol
  4. t2940

    Home remedy for that special person

    haha, snake, if and when shtf I'm probably going to regret not writing all this down. As far as what you were talking about balancing the PH levels I'm not sure how that works in humans but I once did an experiment with aquariums (five) and by neutralizing the water all disease was gone and the dang fish seemed like they'd live forever. Prior to that it was a fight with over the counter items. It appears that bad bacteria can not thrive in a neutral PH.
  5. Fukashima is just another sad example of what i've been saying since the 60-70's. And now that the waste has nowhere to go (like I said back then) it's stored on sight at each reactor. Fortunately the Frackers are exempt from the evil EPA so we can all put on our blinders about the pollution and earthquakes that seem to be just a coincidence.
  6. t2940

    How's the Weather in your area lately.

    Freakin awesome today here in the country outside of Dallas Tx
  7. t2940

    Ugly facts

    I am a coffee person . It gets me going in the morning. ugly fact # 1...............it gets ugly if i don't have any so i'm packing my bob with some now that you've brought it up..............lol
  8. t2940

    A few thoughts from Lee...

    I like it
  9. t2940

    Wool sweaters, hats & gloves.

    snake,................we're in Texas.............we don't need a wool nuttin
  10. t2940


  11. HA, i figured you'd know how to do that snake have a great day
  12. t2940

    Moms Presentation at Church

    3 day? don't forget the water source since that's about how long you'll have to live. Good to see you mom liberty
  13. I've done nothing today but fortunately I logged back in here so i'd think of what's important. Really like the straw video above by SIG so that should keep me busy for a while preparing.
  14. t2940

    private sales

    Well, that's a scary article! I guess it does make sense to have a list of firearm owners so if China invades they'll have a list to follow.
  15. t2940

    Threads HD ( Nuclear War )

    Well, now that the many years in the spending salt mines for toxic storage didn't work (and billions later) you may like to know or already do that the nuclear waste is now stored on the sites. As far as the Great Lakes mentioned above Nestles can now draw water from them as well as the football size water bladders going to China. It was declared recently a "commodity" (water) but i'm sure the dropping levels are due to the drought.
  16. t2940

    How's the Weather in your area lately.

    Well, here in Texas they always say, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a day" Two more days and i'll be out of these 30's and back to my fav
  17. Great posts guys, Water storage is number 1 since you die in a few days without it. I still have my products for bug out though so I can scoop river and pond water on the go. That way I don't have to light a fire and boil it if i'm laying low. I figure if SHTF i'd be a rich bartering man with all the equipment in the back room. Meanwhile, I'm just scraping by in the crazy world.
  18. t2940

    OK let me see I went off for a while and WTF !

    Hmmm i've been away for a while as well. Got some catching up to do and I always enjoy reading you snake. (and you other blogger buddies) I sort of left because I was getting weird messages but it was probably only the NSA making some adjustments.
  19. t2940

    haha love this idea

    Oh, and as far as the bedbunker i'll never get the wifey off the temperpedic.
  20. t2940

    haha love this idea

    Now I know what to ask for on my next birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. t2940

    Homemade MACE

    Dangerwolfe, you just described everything I got a spanking for when I was a kid.............lol....................plus a few more
  22. Well, at least we Americans ain't givin up our guns. So, take that Illuminati;)
  23. t2940

    come and gone

    Yes, very nice to have a non event. Probably drove the reporters crazy though.