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  1. pump shotgun it can butt stroke open doors make a path were there is not one I am working on a bayonet  for it now


    it is a diplomatic tool as you can get people to agree to anything  "I like it"

    hahaha. the all-mighty shotgun and its many uses. i like that

  2. @ sig .how do you like the Fubar tool? they look cool and fierce

    I carry those keychain pepper spray in my truck bought a dozen one time on sale got them for like $5 ea.


    There is a video floating around youtube of a College new reporter student who could not break a car window with a hammer. It keep sliding when he would hit the car window. He ended up cutting his hand i think. too funny video posted below.



  3. So this sunday on the US 101 I saw a bad accident involving about 4-6 cars. It looked bad but no one appeared to be seriously injured. I was thinking about stuff and then I started to think what type of Tool/weapon do I keep in my vehicle. For example I carry a USGI folding shovel in my truck, a claw hammer, and a camp hatchet. They could also be formable weapons if I needed to use them to defend myself, or they could help me save someone by either digging their vehicle out or breaking their window in case of a fire or they passed out after an accident which happens more often that people think. So yeah, A hammer is my first choice a nicer beefy framing hammer would be a good choice or a camp axe for sure.

    So the question


    What do you carry? Picture would be nice.


    Side story. I often carry a huge wrench the kind to take off the trailer hitch ball its massive. car tire replacement kits don't have tire irons like before now they are cheap and flimsy. 


    I use to want to carry the Stanley FUBAR tool. I still do but I use to too.

  4. TPSnodgrass I live in los angeles, no stores here offer coupon price matching, but couponing works no doubt. I will have to look into that option. At the moment I'm just buying grocery store generic items or shop at costco in bulk has its savings as well plus i get to eat some costco pizza afterwards. I save the Harbor freight coupons and have a large stock of free 9 led bulb flashlight.

  5. really good stuff so far. Budgeting is definitely a winner in my book, i use  mint.com to track my spending and see where I need to cut back, I made changes to stop buying soda drinks and eating out so much for one it gets expensive and its bad for your health, I had high cholesterol and I attribute it to eating fast food and too much red meat. In my area I can buy pallets like Snake mentioned, but I don't have the room to hold onto that type of stuff, so i buy at the flea market and stop up on stuff that I use regularly at cheaper prices. 

  6. Any one have any clever ideas to save yourself some money for that extra can of beans? The coupon thing looks time consuming and the major reason the prosper is because they double their coupons. I have been saving my change in a small jar when it fills up its a good amount, I use it to take the girlfriend out to dinner and movie. I use to put cash in an envelope and hide it somewhere so when i found it I was surprised.

    like to hear other ideas.

  7. Does anyone use admin pouches? if so what do you carry in them? and how do you carry it? I came across one at the swap meet for $5 made in the US no brand on it but a little used. I realize I have no idea how to use it with out putting it on my MTV, but I don't carry it any more so I'm looking for a more practical use. Right now just carrying a small Maglite with the LED bulb best upgrade ever, added the dummy cord for my watch, permanent marker, small notepad and pen. and the grim locks are just to increase my carry options. Thoughts anyone?







  8. nice wagon...how heavy is it when its full?

    It depends with what i fill it with, It is suppose to have a max rating of 700lbs heaviest thing I've put on it was a full size Chevy truck axle didn't strain it at all. With my fishing gear, folding chairs and a "medium cooler it probably doesn't even come close to 30 lbs.

  9. Heavy,

    You have an OUTSTANDING revolver. IF, the action is still good, smooth with no drags on the take up, I personally wouldn't touch it. However, replacement K frame triggers are easily obtained and (if I can do it) EASY to replace!

    I would look seriously at the Buffalo Bore dot com "heavy .38 Special loads" for the 4 inch round butt K frame. They use a 158 SOFT LHP with a gas check that flat out MOVES in my K frame snubbies and it IS accurate. It works well on two and four legged predators too. They can mail order(can't remember if you can mail order ammo in LA County or not...)

    hey thanks man. I currently only have the ammo the previous owner had 9rnd and i can't find any decent deals, so i will have to use range re loads. I will likely stock up on jhp .38+P ammo for sure.

  10. What's up guys and gals?! Liking the new forum set up hope the spammers can be better handled now. I have come to the realization that my shoulder injury will not be taken care of in a timely manner by the VA system since its been close to 18 months since i went in to try and get a surgery. So my question is what are my other options for a BOB since a dual shoulder backpack with waist strap isn't really effective? I thought about a rolling backpack, a small duffel bag, and one of those cheese backpacks with wheels from REI, but I'm worried about how they will hold up and how effective they will be. So far I think I will be moving to a small duffel until I can find something more permanent.