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    TV show, documentaries, and movies

    JCMS I was feeling the same way I come onto the forum and only see 1 or 2 new post that are worth reading. I think there are just more people lurking instead of posting.
  2. heavy chevy

    Home Security

    I own a S&W governor and I bought it purposely for home defense and the fact that I can shoot .45 colt, .410 shot shells, and .45acp with moon clip attachment. I loaded mine with .410 winchester PDX1 defense ammo and a speed loader with the pdx1 .45colt. I would recommend it to anyone, because it's very versatile.
  3. heavy chevy

    TV show, documentaries, and movies

    I gave up cable tv like 2 years ago was too costly so I watch most tv shows and movies on online websites like hulu, netflix, and http://www.free-tv-video-online.me I just have to choose a good link and close the pop up ads they got Duck Dynasty on there too.
  4. heavy chevy

    TV show, documentaries, and movies

    Im gonna check out "combat rescue" on discovery I hope its good. I like documentary style stuff on discovery channel its about the only channel i can enjoy.
  5. heavy chevy

    Updated EDC and GHB

    Oh I just thought about a small thing of pepper spray to defend against overly aggressive people or dogs. Look into the key chain models, I personally like Sabre brand pepper spray they makes some nicely priced ones that can be had for anywhere from $9-$13 dollars and its perfectly legal to carry in the state of California.
  6. heavy chevy

    Updated EDC and GHB

    Looks like you are pretty squared away, I merely want to suggest the following; disposable ear plugs, a small mirror might be useful, jogging type gloves to keep warm, and maybe try switching out the 16ounce bottles of water for 1liter bottle(s) could save room. I cant believe no one else has offered suggestions.
  7. heavy chevy

    Top 10 Most Dangerous Cities In America

    This has to be malarky, I mean how New Orleans in 8th when it was the murder capital of the country a couple of years ago and 3 of the safest cities in the country are in California, LOL
  8. heavy chevy

    what do you carry when recreational boating/fishing?

    I carry the red and green glow sticks to signal oncoming boaters my starboard and port side, plus I have a VHF radio to keep me in touch with other boaters.
  9. heavy chevy

    what do you carry when recreational boating/fishing?

    Ha I know I can hold 8 people you are welcome as long as you bring the good stuff.
  10. heavy chevy

    Introduction and welcome

    hey now just looking for some type of thread/forum for veterans on advice and such on how to deal with the VA and looking for a VFW in my area soon to join.
  11. heavy chevy

    ACU vs BDU

    when I was in the Navy they issued me the navpat cammo type III and the pockets had both velcro and buttons. I would cover the velcro and use the buttons. If that doesnt make sense to anyone Ill add a picture later.
  12. heavy chevy

    Bugging versatility

    you can store water in your bathtub given the water supply isn't compromised even use of those water BOB that fits inside the bathtub. You can also look into getting luggage that has wheels or a dolly/hand cart pretty much any wheel to make moving easier can speed up the process to bug out.
  13. heavy chevy

    My next firearm

    Remington 870 all day baby.
  14. heavy chevy

    Storage Auction

    Hey guys looking for a bit of advise. Today at a storage auction I bid on an unit and won, So this have many items of value in it, but I did find A Beretta 9mm 92F. Well the problem is that it doesn't have the upper assembly just the lower frame and the barrel assembly. Now let me just get this out of the way, I will be visiting the Police station to get the Serial Number Check for any red flags, but I'm an optimistic guy and I think It will check out fine. So advice, where to get parts cheap of course, or should I try and sell it as is and put towards another gun. I paid $214 for the unit when it was all said and done there is obviously other items in there nothing super exciting. TLDR; I have a beretta 92f 9mm, minus the upper assembly. What should I do?
  15. heavy chevy

    Storage Auction

    Just a quick update I ordered the slide and parts kit from gun broker got it for about 115 with shipping and put it together, this beretta works perfectly. Thanks for all your input gentlemen.
  16. heavy chevy

    gun bans

    I read that Walmart removed Bushmasters from their internet inventory, DICKS removed AR's from their shelves nationally and locally removed all weapons from their stores near CT, and CTD is suspending transaction on all weapons. I don't really understand their reasoning.
  17. heavy chevy

    Selling a few items

    Hey guys looking to sell the following items and depending on how smooth things go I might search my shed for my 782 issue. Looking to have everything go through PAYPAL and shipped via USPS 80g Ipod black used in working order $85 shipped Nomex gloves desert tan size 12 (large i believe) $12 each shipped $20 for both shipped Doc Martens boots size 11 Black non steel toe previously used $70 shipped Goretex Parka is a Medium/Regular goo condition all zipper work and and velcro is intact. The rain hood stows in the collar piece when not in use. $50 shipped Voodoo Tactical Gloves size medium $25 shipped only worn once PM me offer and questions.
  18. heavy chevy

    Storage Auction

    thanks guys, Ill look into these options.
  19. heavy chevy

    Introduction Thread

    NAVY veteran stationed on the Gulf Coast, I have deployed to Okinawa and Iraq, I served from 2005-2012 now a civilian in SOCAL. I'm here to learn and possibly network.
  20. heavy chevy

    The One Gun

    S&W Governor 6 shot revolver can shoot .410, 45LC, 45 APC with moon clip attachment.
  21. heavy chevy

    what really got me into "prepping"

    When I was deployed to Okinawa, Japan in the summer of 2006 three different typhoons made it so we couldnt leave our barracks building. We ate MRE's and they sucked, So stocking up on simple canned foods seemed like a good idea for future events.